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I REFER to the article "Katie Price could be jailed over nude sunbathing in the Muslim Maldives" (May 18). The article is misleading. The Maldives is well known the world over for its services and the way we treat our guests.

The Maldives has never jailed any visiting tourist for sunbathing or enjoying the wide range of amenities we provide. We value our visitors highly.

Dr Farah Faizal, Maldives High Commissioner

SOUTH Kesteven District Council refusing to fly the Union flag on Armed Forces Day had nothing to do with health and safety and everything to do with the council's inability to rise to the occasion by getting a new flagpole.

Ray Hurst, Immediate Past President Royal British Legion, Wigston, Leics

THE greed of bankers remains as voracious as ever. C4's Dispatches revealed that the new bosses of RBS, Barclays and Northern Rock earned pounds 1.2million, pounds 1million and pounds 700,000 respectively, plus bonuses and pensions.

Gordon Brown says he's furious but declines to follow President Obama's lead in levying a windfall tax on their bonuses.

Mark Holt Waterloo, Liverpool

JUST who does Michael Parkinson think he is? He insults large sections of the viewing public with his nasty comments about Jade, yet has no qualms about trying to entice them into buying insurance or funerals with the offer of a cheap pen. Shut up Michael, you've made more than enough money. And most of us have seen more than enough of you.

Carol Ford Blackpool, Lancs

ASKING posties to get rid of their cycles in favour of shared vans is madness.

I thought we were supposed to be cutting down on pollution and trying to keep fit and healthy.

EJ Beddoes Holkham, Norfolk
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 22, 2009
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