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To the Point; your letters.


AS the mum and carer of a severely disabled son, I think councillor Colin Brewer is the one we need to be "getting rid of" after he suggested disabled children should be "put down" (Mirror, May 14).

His opinions are outdated. Think about Professor Stephen Hawking - he is disabled and brilliant.

Sally Hewlett-Parker South West London

I AM sure there are many thousands like me searching for work who are sick and tired of prospective employers failing to respond to job applications. Where has courtesy, professionalism and manners gone?

It's very difficult to prove to the benefits agency that you have applied for jobs when you cannot produce a written response.

Name and address supplied

WHAT mealy-mouthed comments from Margaret Mercer regarding Prince Charles breaking the 10 commandments (Letters, May 14). Surely we've all broken commandments?

Leave Prince Charles alone. He is a visionary who set up the Prince's Trust to aid disadvantaged youngsters when no one else would touch them.

Kim Crosby South West London
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 16, 2013
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