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To the Point; your letters.


I AGREE with John Forward that five TV channels is sufficient (Letters, Jan 6). But I think it might be worth having a sixth channel for sport. This would mean viewers like me would never have to miss soaps in favour of football or, in just a year's time, the Olympics.

Carol Doust SE London

PAUL Routledge's comment that all dogs are dangerous was uncalled for (Mirror, Jan 7). There is no such thing as a dangerous dog, but there are dangerous owners. I admit, however, that there are plenty of the wrong sort of dogs, ones treated so badly that they turn.

Anne Landser Havant, Hants

BOB Allen asks why Bruce Forsyth has failed to get a knighthood yet again (Letters, Jan 6). Why should he? He's not funny and I've seen better soft shoe shuffles performed on our icy pavements!

C Keegan Leigh, Lancs

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 11, 2011
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