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To the Girl Who Mistakes Family for Reunion.

 Is your constantly hiking a way of saying I would rather be
anywhere than at this kitchen table, staring into your eyes
 , rather move through forests with four found men than face you,
sister, at this reunion
? I wouldn't understand, would I: safe artist in the gridded city,
far from your cliffs & campfires. Still, I sit at the opposite end
of this table, blowing a cup of tea. Rosemary grows in our father's
garden where we once dug, long before the battle between skyscraper
& tree, when we were two girls, only, running inside the colonial
house, stealing cookies, building libraries, chopping off doll hair,
chucking small friends out windows for the simple thrill of retrieval-- 
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Author:Pindyck, Maya
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2013
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