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To serve.

The organized bar in Florida began in 1889 with a small group of lawyers. The Florida State Bar Association was formed in 1907 and continued until the summer of 1949 when the Supreme Court of Florida approved the formation of a "unified" or "integrated" bar with mandatory membership. In April 1950, the name was changed to The Florida Bar and some 3,758 lawyers were grandfathered in as members.

The Florida Bar's charter of service to the lawyers and citizens of this state is embodied in the preamble to its governing document, set forth above. Throughout its existence The Florida Bar has been faithful to these ideals, placing service above all else as its primary reason for being. The result has been a well-deserved national reputation for leadership among state bar organizations and at the highest levels of our nation's judiciary.

How did we achieve this standard of excellence? Through our one basic, indispensable resource: our members.

The services provided and successes achieved by The Florida Bar are due totally to membership involvement--to dedicated service by many lawyers, from the elected representatives on the Board of Governors to volunteer section and committee members, local and other voluntary bar associations, and numerous contributions from individual lawyers.

Because of this intense membership interest, The Florida Bar has always had an extraordinary array of activities underway at any given time. This portion of your Bar directory features a summary of present Florida Bar programs and operations. A review of its pages will help you gain a full understanding of the many Bar services available to you and to the public.
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