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To save you time and energy.

Make indoor gardening easier by purchasing an indoor plant hose, available in garden centers or hardware stores. An indoor hose attaches to the faucet on your sink, is lightweight, and about fifty feet long, so you can water plants in a wide area without lugging a heavy watering can.

Ask your local pharmacy to have prescriptions refills mailed to your home. Most pharmacies offer this service at no extra charge.

At home or on the job, make an effort to handle each piece of mail only once. Always begin by opening the main at your desk or in the area you use for record-keeping or household business. Have on hand a wastebasket and several file folders, baskets, or large brown mailing envelopes, labeled with the heading you'll need, such as: Bills, Things To Do, File Pending, Attention --. Put each piece of mail where it belongs immediately, and throw out all your junk mail on the spot.

If you or your child is heart-set on a shoe style that is going to be difficult to tie or buckle, check with a shoe repair shop. Perhaps the shoes can be adapted by using Velcro closures.

Organize your greeting and note cards in an expandable, accordion folder. Label each section: Birthday, Sympathy, Get Well, Graduation, Postcards, Note Paper, Envelopes, and so on. When you have an opportunity to get to a card store, stock up. Then file your purchase in the folder. Cards won't get lost or soiled and you'll avoid the frustration of being unprepared for special occasions.

Keep household papers organized in clear zipper-type plastic storage bags. Use one bag each for major appliances, your car, home improvements, lawn/garden information, and so on. Label each bag, store them in a box, and never lose a warrantly again.

There's no need to take an impatient or uncooperative youngster shopping for clothing. Take along a garment that still fits the child for compariosn. If it is too bulky or cumbersome, make a paper pattern of the item and carry it along.

Recycle and make gardening easier at the same time. Rinse and save those white foam meat trays to kneel on.

Trouble dressing kids? Put your wiggly baby in a high chair and it will be easier to put her shoes on. Give your toddler a few raisins or dry cereal while you dress him. The closed fist will make it easier to get his hands through garment sleeves.

Save time and early morning hassles by getting your older children to select their clothing the night before. Try guiding the younger ones by giving them a simple either/or choice. Do you want to wear the teddy bear sweatshirt or the rainbow sweater?

Visual aids

If MS prevenys you from managing a telephone book you may qualify for free directory assistance. To find out if your phoen company provides this service, call their Special Needs Center. You and your doctor will need to fill out a directory assistance exemption form, stating why your disability prevents you from using the telephone book.

You are eligible for free Talking Books from the National Library of Congress if you meet any of the following criteria:

1 You are unable to hold book or turn a page

2 You have a temporary loss of vision or use of your hands

3 You have a visual acuity of less than 20/200 or a visual field of 200 degrees or less even with corrective lenses

4 You are unable to read standard print without aids other than ordinary corrective lenses

5 You have a medically documented reading disability

The Talking Books Program lends best sellers, classics, history, poetry, mysteries, how-to books, and more on cassette tapes. The tapes are recorded at faster-than-normal speeds in order to hold more text, so a special tape player is needed to hear them. This player plus headphones, remote control units, and amplifiers are all supplied by the program. Everything is free. Even the postage is paid. To obtain more information or to sign up up for this state and federally funded program, contact your local public library.
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