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To replace the previously used Card Management System (CMS).

Contract notice: To replace the previously used Card Management System (CMS)

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft maintains its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and seeks to replace the previously used Card Management System (CMS). PKI has a multilevel CA hierarchy, namely Fraunhofer Root CA, Fraunhofer Fraunhofer User CA and CA Service. The certificate of the Fraunhofer Root CA is signed by a built-in most operating systems and popular browsers trusted root CA. Due to the concatenation of the Fraunhofer-PKI has to provide the technical and organizational requirements of the root CA operator, the CA / Browser Forum and the various operating system and browser manufacturers invoice (Root Inclusion Policies). It also plays an important role in security audit.: Usually receive Fraunhofer employees a Fraunhofer-Smart Card (main card). Previously StarCOS used 3.0 and 3.2 cards. Every main card contains three different certificates and related keys for the applications authentication, signing and encryption. In addition, the certificate chain is stored on the smart card. If required, a main card, additional smart card types are created, for example, only encryption keys and certificates of the associated main card included. Is as smart card middleware for the time SafeSign client identity of AET rolled out to the end user.: The tender is to purchase a new card management system to replace the previously used CMS SECUDE Trust Enterprise Manager and assisting in the design and implementation of migration.: Particularly when replacing the CMS, a solution must be identified for dealing with existing certificate and key material and other card-related data from the history. It is to ensure that a PIN reset possible for already in circulation will remain stylistically stunning smartcards. Furthermore, key recovery must be supported for existing and future encryption keys so that keys and certificates applied both to other smart cards as a PKCS # 12 tokens (soft tokens) can be exported.: The previous CMS refers certificates (but no key) from a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server CA. A change to a new CA product is required. To securely store the key material of the Fraunhofer Root CA and the user interface a hardware security modules is provided.: Fraunhofer is considering a tethered at DFN-powered external CA to perform certificate generation.: The previous CMS interfaces with a proprietary personnel system, a directory service and other specially from Fraunhofer developed for the Trust Center operating application components that both the complex Fraunhofer organizational structure with many partly distributed institutions in many different locations as well as the associated role model and the PKI processes support with regard to card authorization, card issuance, suspension, PIN reset, etc.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 4, 2013
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