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To members of The Ohio Academy of Science and The Ohio Journal of Science subscribers.

December 2018

The Ohio Journal of Science will continue as an international, multidisciplinary, refereed journal published Open Access online by The Ohio State University Libraries on behalf of The Ohio Academy of Science.

Since November 1900, The Ohio Journal of Science (OJS) has been published in print. Beginning in 2014, the OJS added an online version published by The Ohio State University Libraries.

Increased printing and postage costs and sharply declining subscription revenue make distribution of the print version of the OJS financially unsustainable. Moreover, authors are now assured good visibility, worldwide, because papers published Open Access online are indexed quickly after publication by Google Scholar ( In what used to take many months or even a year, well-written manuscripts now can be published online in several weeks if both reviewers and authors meet deadlines. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of The Ohio Academy of Science determined that the current printed, peer-reviewed papers issue of the OJS will be the last printed. The April Annual Meeting Program Abstracts issue will be printed but not mailed. It will be published Open Access online several weeks before the Annual Meeting and distributed at the meeting.

The Academy will continue to print a handful of copies for office use and to send to the State Library of Ohio, the Ohioana Library Association, the Ohio History Connection Archives and Library, and the Natural History Department of the Ohio History Connection.

International Exposure

During the past decade OJS online articles were accessed more than 4,793,609 times by researchers in more than 150 countries at an average rate of more than 1,300 per day. Overall since January 2013, the number of Open Access online journals has grown from 3,000 to over 12,300. The OJS is now one of them.

Fully Keyword-searchable Archives

The Ohio State University Libraries archive fully keyword-searchable issues of the OJS from November 1900 through April 2014: /686

The Libraries' Online Journal Systems archives issues from 2014 through March 2018 here:

This year's articles appear here:

Posted here are histories of the OJS:

* 50-year history (1900 to 1950):

* Centennial history (1900 to 2000):

The OJS will continue to serve Academy members and researchers worldwide online.

By Dr. Lynn E. Elfner, Editor

Dr. Lynn E. Elfner, Editor

The Ohio Journal of Science * 614.389.2182

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