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To market.

To Market. Several possible consumers are being identified for the huge coal deposits owned by Arctic Slope Regional Corp. In Northwest Alaska. The Native regional corporation has proposed developing its Deadfall Syncline Coal Prospect, bordering the Chukchi Sea north of Kotzebuc and Nome.

A study by one of the firm's subsidiaries, Arctic Slope Consulting Group, for the Alaska Native Foundation analyzed the benefits of conversion from diesel-fired to coal-fired power plants to meet local energy needs. Funded by a grant from the Alaska Energy Authority, research showed that the low-sulfur, low-ash qualities of the coal resource would result in lower emissions than those currently experienced from the existing plants. According to Arctic Slope, conversion of the utilities to coal would mean long-term savings for consumers and the state, in addition to creating local employment during plant construction and jobs at the mine site.

Other Western Alaska communities, regional industry such as the Red Dog Mine, military bases at Adak and Shemya and Pacific Rim nations are targeted as potential markets for the coal. In March Arctic Slope sent representatives to Korea and Japan to meet with prospective buyers.
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Title Annotation:Arctic Slope Regional Corp. to develop Northwest Alaska coal mines
Publication:Alaska Business Monthly
Date:May 1, 1990
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