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To crush or not to crush.

I like this hot boy, but a lot of people think he's odd. I don't know if I should like him. He's just, honestly, a little crazy, but I feel like I can relate. My friend says he's a "creep." Yes, he's gone through a lot and he handles it in a creepy sort of way, but despite that I still feel this connection. What's your take on the situation?

Dear To Crush or Not to Crush,

Sounds like you are trying to talk yourself into a relationship that might be bad news. Take your time and don't feel rushed to make a decision. And hey, "odd" is OK, but to me, "creepy" is a red flag and another great reason to slow down. Any other guys out there who have caught your attention? A relationship should be built on more than looks and chemistry anyway. For instance, it helps a lot if you share common interests and values. I admire you for having a good heart and not wanting to be mean. Is there a teacher or counselor at your school who can help with this? After all, this boy's needs and talkativeness shouldn't trip up your friendships. Maybe you can tell your friends directly that you don't want to be unkind and imagine they don't either. I bet at least one other girl in the group doesn't want to go the shunning route. The thing is, after school, people can hang out with whoever they want-but during the school day, a lot of mixing and matching and mingling goes on and one thing that everyone is learning (besides science and math) is how to get along, even when some kids are less socially at ease than others.

Carol Weston is the author of Girltalk and has been "Dear Carol" since Girls' Life's first issue. Her latest novels are f-iva and Pip, Ava and Taco Cat and the brand new Ava XOX. Her website is

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