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To be a teak tree.

    A teak tree, solid and everlasting
           The wood is so strong
      It withstands the sun and rain
              And termites.
            The price is high
   As it takes a life time of a person
   For the tree to be sturdy and strong.

       Building a bhikkhuni sangha
       Is like growing a teak tree.
      It needs years of perseverance
          In order for it to last
            To be of good use
         To be a solid foundation
          As one of the pillars
        Of the fourfold Buddhists.

     Faith, absolute faith in the Buddha
       And the complete application
         Of dhamma and vinaya
    will be the island upon ourselves.



June 2009

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Publication:Yasodhara-Newsletter on International Buddhist Women's Activities
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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