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To Herman...

In October 1996 Herman L. Masin marked his sixtieth year as Editor-in-Chief of Coach & Athletic Director - an unprecedented run in publishing history. Herman has edited this magazine since 1936 without ever missing an issue, and you can count the number of days he missed on one hand, and have sufficient leftover digits to signal for a knuckleball.

To put Herman's run in proper perspective, if Cal Ripken plays another 45 years without missing a game, Coach & Athletic Director will consider him for a longevity award.

On Herman Masin's first day as Editor of Coach, he paid a nickel to ride the subway, and another nickel for his morning paper. The Yankees were champions of baseball and the Packers were champions of football, just as they are today, but little else has stayed the same. FDR was completing his first term, Jesse Owens had just dominated the Berlin Olympics, and the jet engine had just been invented. No one had yet seen Gone With the Wind, heard The Beatles, or knew where Vietnam was; no one had ever watched ESPN, listened to a walkman, drove a minivan, or worked on a personal computer. (And Herman still doesn't - he types every word that you see in this magazine on a 1956 Royal manual typewriter.)

Over the past ten years, Herman has been lionized by New York's Downtown Athletic Club, the National High School Hall of Fame, and Sports Illustrated - none of which he has taken all too seriously. At 83 (going on 84 on June 21), he's still here every day, making sense of coaching manuscripts, creating the best prose in sports in Here Below, and offering advice and counsel to budding Bill Walshs and John Woodens everywhere - a coach of the coaches, if you will. And on the occasion of his anniversary, when Scholastic's staff and management honored the venerable Masin, some of his former authors took their hats and headsets off to their boss.

To a writer, Herman is a blessing of an editor - he respects good writing and writers. To the writers he has worked with, he is the perfect Coach, making all around him better at what they do while reminding them why they do it.

Ten years ago, on Herman's 50th Anniversary, Publisher Bruce Weber said it was his "pleasure to salute this giant on his milestone, with the sincere hope that we'll be able to do a 60th anniversary special as well." At this rate, can 70 be far behind?


Herman Masin, as solid as Mount Rushmore. Not only a great journalist, but a fine human being, and a man that I respect for his ethics, professionalism, and ability.


Your commitment to excellence, to your work at Coach magazine, will be forever etched in my mind. For forty-five years, I have had a debt of gratitude to you, for your belief in a young football coach and, most important of all, inspired in him, the will to do great. It is a debt of gratitude that we will never forget. Godspeed, Herman.


I can't believe it's your 60th year as the editor. I can remember Coach Sid Gillman, introducing us at Charger training camp, some 36 years ago. A lot of wonderful things have happened over the years, and you've certainly accomplished a lot over these many years, and hopefully the next sixty will be as great as the past sixty. Congratulations again on a fabulous career, and enjoy the evening with your friends. God bless you.


I wouldn't be where I am today, as head baseball coach at the University of Tennessee, if it weren't for Herman. He is no doubt the best editor in the business. I owe a lot to him.


I'd like to add my congratulations to my good friend Herman Masin as he celebrates sixty years as editor of coach. I remember, some 45 years ago, when I first broke into coaching, I started reading Coach. The inspiration and education that he's given high school and college coaches across America has just been phenomenal. I think I have every volume of Coach, and to this day, still utilize its articles in my coaching. Herman, congratulations on a wonderful career, and may God bless you.


Sixty years as editor! I cannot believe it! I know one thing, you wouldn't be there sixty years if George Steinbrenner owned the magazine! I feel privileged to consider you my friend, and to have been able to talk about framing pitches and the proper way to bunt and get leads and everything else. I don't know what kind of Hall of Fame they have in your profession, but if they don't have one they should have one and you'd be the first one I'd put in, and if they do have one and you're not in I'd put you in.


I remember how impressed and flattered I was when you asked me to write a football column for Coach, which at that time was my football bible. In my formative years, as a young football coach, I read every line that was printed in Coach in order to stay informed on everything regarding football. You have been an inspiration for us all in the sports world. I go back sixty years with you, and it is remarkable that you had the strength and stamina to be at your desk every day all these many years. What a legacy! And you're not finished yet!


When we were both kids back in the stone ages I never thought you'd last sixty days, not to mention sixty years. On a serious note, you've done a wonderful job for athletics on college and scholastic levels. Everyone who has ever been sincerely interested in the welfare of kids and the quality of coaching and the overall good of our games owes you a great deal. Congratulations, friend.


Congratulations, Herman. It's great to know that we're both still above ground. I remember doing articles for Coach but above that, I remember reading articles in Coach when I was a young coach that helped me enormously in my career. I salute you on your special achievement, and wish you the best.


You probably don't realize the tremendous impact you have had on the lives of countless athletes and coaches through your expertise as editor of Coach. You've afforded coaches in all sports a forum for presenting their views of their game, how it should be played, how to teach it and how to improve their teaching techniques and upgrade their chances for success. Those coaches then transmitted that information to their players. You have served those of us who have made careers of coaching in a special way. You have been an outstanding professional in your work, as well as personal friend. We coaches love you for being who you are and for what you have done for sports.


It doesn't seem like thirty years ago that we first met, when t sent you an article on soccer to be publish by Coach. You cut the piece just about in half, but to my amazement, it still said everything I wanted it to say. I realized then and there that I had met a mentor who could lead me in my passionate mission to educate Americans about soccer. I felt intuitively that you, too, had such a mission, not just about soccer, but about sports in general. Our relationship continued over many years and many articles for Coach. You are such a great teacher, and I want you to know that you were and still are the single most influential person in my development as a coach, teacher, and missionary in soccer.


Congratulations on your long years of real service to interscholastic athletics. I don't think anyone has ever been more supportive or helpful towards the advancement of interscholastic athletics than you have. I've enjoyed Coach over the years, as well as the friendship and association that I had with you. Of course, you have many years to go, because you're only 83 and I'm 86.
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