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Tm Bioscience strengthens patent portfolio.

Tm Bioscience Corporation (Toronto, Canada; 416 593-4323), a Canadian genomics company, announced that United States Patents 6,060,248 and 6,027,884 have been granted for Tm's DNA sequence and ligand design optimization methods. The two patents cover different aspects of the company's DNA analysis technologies, thermodynamic approach to Ligand Controlled Hybridization and sequence selection for DNA binding ligands.

"These patents greatly enhance Tm's intellectual property position in the use of small molecules, called ligands, to control DNA hybridization chemistry," said Dr. Roman Zastawny, VP product development. "The control of DNA hybridization is widely recognized as a critical factor for successful commercial development of biochips, microarrays and other genomic analysis applications. Our Ligand Controlled Hybridization technology will satisfy this need and fully enable the development of high performance DNA-based analytical systems."

Biochips or microarrays are being accepted by the biotechnology sector as a new platform for advancing research and development activities. They are viewed as tools to greatly reduce the time and costs associated with drug discovery, disease diagnosis and treatment. These chips or arrays rely on very complex DNA hybridization reactions involving a diverse range of DNA types. Poor control of this process has lead to problems with reproducibility, sensitivity, false positives and false negatives. Ligand Controlled Hybridization combines the company's technology and expertise in DNA chemistry and thermodynamics with proprietary DNA binding molecules - called ligands - to fine-tune DNA hybridization and obtain the necessary level of control for high quality biochip performance. Tm Bioscience believes Ligand Controlled Hybridization offers the best solution for many of the major technological challenges facing the current generation of DNA biochip platforms.

Tm Bioscience is an emerging Canadian genomics company developing and commercializing proprietary DNA based technologies for application in biochips (microarrays), diagnostics and genomic analysis. The company offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the ability to develop novel DNA-based products for medical and research applications.
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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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