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Title, frequency, and publisher changes; cessations.

Cadence: The Independent Journal of Creative Improvised Music (ISSN 0162-6973) has changed frequency from one month per issue to 3 months per issue (as of Vol. 33, Nos. 10, 11 and 12, Oct./Nov./Dec. 2007).

British Society for Music Therapy Bulletin (ISSN 0953-7511) is now entitled Music Therapy Now, starting in 2007 and published by the British Society for Music Therapy three times per year.

Chart (Print) (ISSN 1198-7235) is now Chart (Online) as of 2009 and is published by Chart Communications Inc. since 1990.

Detroit Metro Area Musicians & Entertainer Association News is now Detroit Entertainment & Musicians News, as of 2007, published bimonthly by Michael Collins, editor and publisher.

Gig (ISSN 1744-0904), a biweekly publication (Impromptu Publishing Ltd.), incorporated International Arts Manager (ISSN 1355-6169, 1987-2006).

Institute for Studies in American Music. Newsletter (ISSN 0145-8396) is American Music Review (ISSN 1943-9385) as of 2008. published by Institute for Studies in American Music.

Die Phonographische Wirtschaft is now Musikindustrie in Zahlen as of 2007, published by Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V.

New Zealand Society for Music Therapy (ISSN 0113-9479) is now entitled The New Zealand Journal of Music Therapy (ISSN 1176-3264), from 2003 onwards.

Rhinegold Guide to Music Education (ISSN 1744-277X) is now entitled British Music Education Yearbook (ISSN 1758-3667), as of 2008, published by Rhinegold Publishing Ltd annually.

Billboard History of Rock 'n Roll, published since 1992 by Nielsen Business Publications has ceased publication.

La Cana de Flamenco (ISSN 1135-2779), published quarterly since 1991 by the Asociacion Cultural Espana Abierta, ceased in 2000.

Contributions to the Study of Music and Dance (ISSN 0193-9041), published since 1981 by Greenwood Publishing Group Inc., ceased in 2003.

Discoveries (Iola) (ISSN 0896-8322), published by Krause Publications, Inc. since 1988. ceased in 2006.

Drum Connexions (ISSN 1176-6816), ceased publication in 2006 (published since 2004 by Drum Connexions).

Frets (ISSN 1552-8359), ceased publication in 2006. It was published quarterly by NewBay Media, LLC starting in 2004.

GlennGould (ISSN 1201-821X), was published semiannually beginning in 1995 by University of Toronto Press, and ceased in 2008.

Guitar One: the magazine you can play (ISSN 1525-3562), ceased publication in 2007 (published by Future U S, Inc. since 1983).

Jazz Education Journal (ISSN 1540-2886), published since 1968 under several titles ceased publication in 2008.

De Piraat der Lage Landen (ISSN 1873-3247), published bimonthly since 2006, ceased publication in 2007.

Western World (ISSN 1213-5119), a Czech monthly, begun in 2001, ceased publication in 2008.
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Title, frequency, and publisher changes; cessations.
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