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Title, frequency, and publisher changes; cessations.

Beginning January 2007, the journal American Music (ISSN 0734-4392) will no longer be affiliated with the Society for American Music (SAM). The journal will continue to be published by the University of Illinois Press and Michael Hicks of Brigham Young University has been named editor. No interruption in publication is anticipated.

SAM and Cambridge University Press have announced their new journal, the Journal for the Society for American Music (JSAM); the first issue will appear in spring 2007. JSAM will be the official journal of the society, and all members will receive a copy. It will be the only official journal of the society. According to Michael Broyles, president of SAM, "[w]ith Cambridge, we look forward to new intellectual directions for the journal, a greater international presence, and cutting-edge use of digital technology." JSAM will appear quarterly and cover the entire range of American music(s) and its social and cultural milieu.

Ellie Hisama, who has been editor of American Music, along with all other editors and the entire editorial board, have moved to JSAM. Articles to appear in the first issues of JSAM include Christopher Reynolds on Porgy and Bess, Denise Von Glahn and Michael Broyles on re-dating the beginnings of musical modernism, Leta Miller on race and the American Federation of Musicians, Teresa Magdanz on "Sobre las Olas" as cultural synecdoche, Benjamin Givan on McCoy Tyner and "Bessie's Blues", and Laurie Stras on music of the Boswell Sisters. (All information was provided by Mariana Whitmer [executive director, Society for American Music] in an e-mail message to Erin Mayhood, 2 October 2006.)

The Newsletter of the American Bach Society, published semi-annually from 1996-2003, has changed its name to Bach Notes. The new publication, beginning with number 1 (Spring 2004), will, in addition to keeping American Bach Society (ABS) members informed of current events and research developments, include short articles. The goal is to make Bach Notes "a vehicle for short scholarly works in English analogous to the "kleine Beitrage" of the Bach-Jahrbuch." (Reginald L. Sanders, "From the Editor," Bach Notes 1 [Spring 2004]: 12). Also new to the publication is a "Communications" column, offering the ABS membership an opportunity to react to articles and pose questions. All issues of Bach Notes are freely available online (PDF) at:

The biannual Canadian University Music Review (ISSN 0710-0353), published by the Canadian University Music Society/Societe de musique des universities canadiennes, has changed its name to Intersections: Canadian Journal of Music/Revue canadienne de musique (ISSN 1911-0146) starting with number 25, part 1-2 (2005). The first double issue is devoted to a selection of articles by Finnish and Canadian authors, most of which were first presented as papers at a May 2003 conference in Turku, Finland, entitled "Northern Perspectives of Music as a Vehicle for Cultural Transmission." Mary Woodside, the English editor, states that the new name "makes explicit our long-standing tradition of treating all subjects musical: history, theory, pedagogy, performance and interdisciplinary studies." (Mary Woodside, "Editors' Report," Newsletter of the Canadian University Music Society 17, no. 1 [Fall 2005]: 5)

Contemporary Music Review (Print ISSN 0749-4467; Online ISSN 1477-2256), formerly published quarterly by Routledge, is now published bimonthly (in February, April, June, August, October and December). Bimonthly publication began with volume 25 (2005).

The journal In Theory Only (ISSN 0360-4365) is on a very irregular publication schedule and the last issue published was volume 13, numbers 1-4 (November 1997). Despite the long hiatus, the journal has not ceased; volume 13, number 5-8, is currently in preparation and will be published in the near future. (Some information was provided by William E. Lake [coeditor] in an e-mail message to Erin May-hood, 23 August 2006.)

Music in Art: International Journal for Music Iconography (ISSN 1522-7464), published since 1998 by the Research Center for Music Iconography (RCMI) at the Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) is now also issued in a Chinese edition. The first Chinese volume (ISBN 7-5354-3155-0) was published in 2006 and includes translations of essays by Antonio Baldassarre, Eleonora M. Beck, Zdravko Blazekovic, Mariagrazia Carlone, Sara Gonzalez Castrejon, Florence Getreau, Metoda Kokole, Laurence Libin, Anno Mungen, Ingrid E. Pearson, and Katherine Powers. Table of contents is available at or The Chinese issue can be ordered through Chang jiang wen yi chu ban she, 268 Main Street, Wuchang-Chu, Wuhan 430070. E-mail: (Some information provided by Zdravko Blazekovic [editor] in an e-mail message to Erin Mayhood, 24 August 2006.)

Opera international: le magazine de I'art Iyrique (ISSN 0241-2438), published monthly by ATN Publications, France, has ceased and been succeeded by Opera magazine (ISSN 1774-5888). Opera magazine is published in Paris by Turandot Presse and appears monthly. The magazine intends to keep the same focus as its predecessor and is particularly well known for its program listings of opera performances throughout Europe and its extensive recordings reviews.

The Opera Quarterly (ISSN 0736-0053), published quarterly by the Oxford University Press, has implemented significant changes starting with volume 21, number 3 (Summer 2005). The journal now has a new editorial board, and will announce an appointed advisory board in the near future. Individual issues will be devoted to specific works or topics. New regular features include: "Notes from the Field" (notes from practitioners); "Lost Voices," which focuses on a work that has not received a lot of attention; and a "Point-Counter Point" debate on a pressing topic.

Beginning with volume 16, number 1 (March 2006), Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory (ISSN 0740-770X; E-ISSN 1748-5819) will be published by Routledge Journals. Previously published semiannually by the Department of Performance Studies at New York University, the journal is increasing to triannual publication also starting with volume 16.
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Title, frequency, and publisher changes; cessations.
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