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Title, frequency, and publisher changes; cessations.

Ars Nova (ISSN 0379-6485), published semiannually from volume 1 (1969) to volume 35 (2003) by the University of South Africa, has ceased and been replaced by Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa (see entry in this column). Back copies of the journal are available through the department secretary at the Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology, Unisa, PO Box 392, Pretoria 0003, South Africa. E-mail:

Canadian University Music Review (ISSN 0710-0353), published by the Canadian Music Society/Societe de musique des universities canadiennes, is behind in publication. Editors hope to release volume 24, number 1 (2004) through volume 25, number 2 (2005) this calendar year. The journal will also receive a name change later this year. (Mary S. Woodside [English Editor, CUMR], e-mail message to Tracey Rudnick, 18 April 2005.)

The Early Drama, Art, and Music Review (ISSN 1048-9401), sponsored by the Early Drama, Art, and Music (EDAM) project and published semiannually by Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University, ceased with volume 24, number 1 (2002). The journal was formerly known as the EDAM Newsletter (1978-1988). Many articles appearing in this journal will be reprinted in a volume entitled The Tradition of Medieval Drama, in preparation from AMS Press. Many of the individual issues of The Early Drama, Art, and Music Review and some from the earlier Newsletter remain in print. Direct any inquiries to Medieval Institute Publications, College of Arts and Sciences, Western Michigan University, 1903 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5432. E-mail:

The bimonthly magazine Film Score Monthly (ISSN 1077-4289), published by Vineyard Haven LLC, has changed its name to Film Score Magazine starting with volume 10, number 1 (Jan./Feb. 2005). The journal's Web site, which functions as a supplement to the periodical, continues to be named Film Score Monthly ( For subscription information, see the Web site. E-mail: or

Music and Business (ISSN 1151-3470), the bimonthly publication reporting on the French music market published by Master Press International, France, ceased in 2001. The journal was formerly known as D.I.S.C. (Disques, Instruments, Sonorisations, Clubs; ISSN 0337-8837) from 1976 to 1990 and Disque (ISSN 0337-8829) from 1973 to 1975.

The weekly publication Music & Media (ISSN 1385-612x), published by European Music Report, Amsterdam, Holland, has ceased after twenty years of publication from 1984 to 2004. The newspaper included advertising and music reviews covering the European radio and music industries.

Musical Denmark (ISSN 0027-4585), published jointly by The Danish Cultural Institute and Danish Music Information Centre (MIC), ceased with number 57 (2001/2002). The journal was founded in 1951 by the Danish Society (now the Danish Cultural Institute) as the only English language magazine focusing on Danish music, including Danish musicians and classical, contemporary, jazz and folk repertories.

Organist en Eredienst (ISSN 0167-0840), published monthly by GOV Vereniging van Kerkmusici (Netherlands) from 1932 to 2001, is now entitled Muziek en Liturgie (ISSN 1569-416X) starting with volume 1 (January 2002).

Singer Magazine (ISSN 1535-2145), published bimonthly by LA Communications from issue 1 (January 2000) to issue 33 (2005), is now published by Dayspring Communications and entitled Singer & Musician (ISSN 1555-9831) beginning with issue 34 (2005).

The bimonthly Smooth Jazz Travel Guide (ISSN 1539-6991) is now titled Smooth Jazz Magazine (ISSN 1557-3400), starting with volume 3, number 3 (Summer/Fall 2005).
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