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1910: George V becomes King. Girl Guide movement is formed. Hit Song of the Year: Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life.

1911: Coventry Colliery is established and five city cinemas open. Amundsen beats Scott to the South Pole. Hit of the Year: Alexander's Ragtime Band. CIn Coventry

1912: Titanic sinks. Militant suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst stands trial for a bomb attack on prime minister Lloyd George's new golf villa.

1913: Christmas report: One child in 12 in Britain's state elementary schools is suffering from disease or effects of poor diet.

1914: Start of the First World War - meant to be "all over by Christmas."

1915: Women urged to quit home for factory; Lusitania is torpedoed by German submarine.

1916: GEC opens factory at Copsewood Grange, Stoke, Coventry. Irish rebels stage uprising in Dublin.

1917: Buffalo Bill - real name William Cody - who once brought his show Wild West Show to Coventry, dies.

1918: The Czar of Russia, his family and servants are killed in a cellar, the First World War ends and, on December 28, women aged 30 and over, finally get the vote.

1919: Riots in Coventry's Broadgate over post-war inflation and unemployment; Coventry City Football Club elected into the second division; American- born Nancy Astor, becomes Britain's first woman MP.

Song of the Year: "My Old Man Said Follow the Van...and don't dilly-dally on the way."
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 26, 1999
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