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Tissera reports finding optimal time to procure embryonic tissue that will grow into organs.

Tissera, Inc., Tel Aviv, Israel, announced it has identified the optimal gestational "window" to procure and dissect embryonic tissue in pigs to differentiate between teratoma (tumor which is made up of a heterogeneous mixture of tissues, as of bone, cartilage and muscle) producing tissue as opposed to precursor tissue which leads to heart, liver and pancreas development without teratoma. The specific anatomical sites which serve as tissue precursors for different organs exhibit different "windows."

The company calls the breakthrough is a significant milestone in its ability to eventually develop and grow organs for transplantation in humans. "Our ability to identify exactly when a cell is committed to developing into a specific organ enables our team to harvest precursor cells that have a predetermined destiny and control and influence their growth. It is an important stepping stone in reaching our goal to develop a reliable source of viable organs for transplantation," says Vicki Rabenou, Tissera CEO.

The company reports the scientists' identification of the precise gestational window for timely procuring future heart, liver and pancreas in pigs has significant impact on Tissera's ability to begin the next stage of research on the establishment of embryonic precursor tissues as a new source for organ transplantation.

Tissera announced on March 22 that it had completed an equity private placement with a group of individual and institutional investors representing gross proceeds to the company of $5.5 million.

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Date:Apr 30, 2004
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