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Tishman tops out on Post Office facility.

Tishman tops out on Post Office facility

The largest single construction project currently under way by the United States Postal Service (USPS) "topped out" on under the construction management of Tishman Construction Corporation. The five-story, 800,000-square-foot USPS General Mail Facility, scheduled for completion in 1993, occupies an entire city block in midtown Manhattan.

The new building will merge with Morgan Station, Manhattan's main mail processing center, via a two-story-high, 60-by-600-foot bridge. The bridge spans West 29th Street along the full length of the new building's northern side on the second and third floors. It creates a vast contiguous space, opening up two 350,000-square-foot mail processing work spaces that stretch uninterrupted from 28th Street to 30th Street. The bridge allows mail trucks to have unrestricted use of the street below it.

Within the new work space, Tishman professionals will direct the installation of an extensive, mechanized mail processing system that features the latest developments in computer controlled technology.

The building's sub-basement, basement and first floor will contain truck ramps, maneuvering areas and loading docks with conveyors to carry mail to and from the upper floors.

Peter Robbins, vice president, Tishman Construction Corporation and construction manager of the project, said, "These expansive work areas will create an optimally efficient facility, not usually feasible in a highly populated urban center. The interior truck docks will alleviate traffic congestion from postal vehicles outside."

Tishman also is overseeing the rehabilitation of sections of the existing 1.2 million-square-foot Morgan Station post office and the dismantling and upgrading of portions of the existing mechanical equipment in order to integrate it with the new building.

John Ghisoni, director of marketing and communications for USPS, said, "This project is a major component of USPS' strategy to centralize and fully automate the distribution of mail within spacious modern structures. When complete, the center will accelerate significantly the flow of mail through Manhattan."

On Nov. 27, Tishman supervised installation of the structural member that marks the tallest point on the new building, "topping out" the project. Work has progressed on schedule and on-budget.

Continuing its work on other USPS projects, Tishman is currently serving as Construction Management Consultant for the renovation and redesign of the Grand Central Station Post Office, a five-story, neoclassical landmark structure in midtown Manhattan. Meanwhile in Edison, New Jersey, Tishman is managing the expansion and renovation of the Kilmer General Mail Facility, involving construction of a 150,000-square foot addition that will double the facility's capacity, and the renovation of the existing space.
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