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Tired of Kate Clinton.

I am a longtime subscriber and look forward to receiving each month's issue. I am particularly fond of Howard Zinn's contributions. Others of your contributors have had their good and less good commentaries. Except for Kate Clinton, that is. There really isn't any nice way to say this, so I'll just let her have it. I'm really tired of her semi-coherent, heterophobic ramblings. I've tried many times to appreciate what she writes but have been repeatedly unable to do so.

Apparently, The Progressive has determined that the homosexual community is more deserving than all other special interest groups of having space set aside for it. Well, OK. Maybe it is. I'm not all knowing. But surely there is a journalist who can advocate for gay issues in a more reasonable, entertaining way than Kate Clinton does.

Jeff Maurer

Charlottesville, Virginia
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Title Annotation:Letters to the Editor
Author:Maurer, Jeff
Publication:The Progressive
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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