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Tire release agents.

Tire release agents. The company's tire release agents, specialized products for application-specific solutions, are featured in an eight-page, four-color brochure. As indispensable aids in the vulcanization of green tires, the company's tire release agents are said to help optimize both processing and tire quality. This is because their excellent properties make production more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective, according to the literature. The tire release agents are said to offer such advantages as excellent release properties and lubricity, as well as outstanding high-temperature resistance thanks to silicone components; minimization of the tire reject rate due to high, continuously monitored quality; time-saving, since the agents can be used directly from the original container; as solvent-free, water-based dispersions, the agents are physiologically inert and environmentally compatible; and cost-cutting due to low material consumption, according to the literature. Applications in tire vulcanization include use as innovative curing bladder coatings, where they increase production capacities and simultaneously reduce operating costs; as band ply lubes that combine outstanding lubricity with good air bleed properties, lowering the reject rate; and as abrasion-resistant outside tire paints with excellent air bleed properties, resulting in a flawless sidewall with a uniform surface finish, according to the brochure. (Wacker Silicones)

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Title Annotation:Brochures
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Aug 1, 2004
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