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Tips. (In the Swing).

If you want to pick up some extra yards off the tee, try these two swing tips I learned from Tiger Woods' former teacher, John Anselmo, while he was in town playing the Sunrise Golf Club, a fair but challenging semi-private course.

On the backswing, let your right leg straighten, in order to create a strong pivot past to turn your right hip around and create power.

On the downswing, let your left leg straighten, in order to create a strong pivot post to uncoil your body around and release power.

Incidentally, Anselmo and I got paired with a couple from Ohio, and I saw why this swing tip is especially good for women golfers. Establishing firm pivot posts discourages the typical woman player from employing exaggerated hand action in an attempt to hit the ball longer.
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Author:Andrisani, John
Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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Winning tips. (In the Swing).
Winning tips. (In the Swing).
Winning tips. (In the Swing).
It's tee time!

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