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Tips to Make Hiking Fun.

Hiking is a perennial camp activity. Follow these tips to make your hike an enjoyable journey:

* Don't be in too big of a hurry; take time to see and investigate things -- curious shapes, insects, scenic views.

* Play games during sitting down rest stops: What do you see in cloud shapes? What noises do you hear? How many colors can you see in nature?

* Walk in small groups, a staff member with each group. Stay in voice contact with each other. Put fast walking campers in one group and slow walking campers in another. Put the slowest walkers in the front. First aiders should be at the back.

* Be sure distances between rest stops are realistic. It's better to have several short rest stops than one long one. At rest stops, wait until everyone has had a chance to rest before walking again. Do not start when the group catches back up, they don't get a break.

* When you are pointing out interesting things along the way, be sure everyone hears, not just the front of the line.

* Remember to take a snack; trail mix, raisins, apples, or oranges are good choices.

* Take drinking water from camp or another tested source. Do not drink from streams or ponds.

* Don't take unnecessary chances with wild animals by feeding or attempting to catch them.
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