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Tips for good-tasting goat milk.

I often hear comments about goat milk having odor or off taste. Since I'm an avid goat lover I really hate to hear this "goaty negative" applied as it is an unnecessary cross for our critters to bear.

Our milk is free of unpleasant odors or bad taste, lasts well for about six days, and it's easy for anyone to do.

First we assume the doe is healthy, worm-free and fed a good quality diet. Since we use unpasteurized milk we test for TB.

Very important... a stainless steel milk bucket. I know it's expensive, but after you break a couple of glass bowls or have odors from plastic, you may as well forego dinner one time out, or the movies and popcorn and buy yourself a good bucket.

Before milking the doe, we wash the udder and dry it off. Use a soft paper towel,or if you use a cloth, launder after each use.

We milk the first few squirts into a strip cup, checking for any lumps or clots of blood. It also clears the teat opening.

Now take time to enjoy your milking. It's a wonderful time to get to know this doe. I hum or talk to my does.

After milking I dip each teat into a solution of 1/2 bleach, 1/2 water. I use a little plastic cup, about 4 oz. size. (We don't waste a thing around here. I toss this down the toilet bowl.) Lastly I dry the teats, and let her off the milk stand.

This may sound "a bit much" but when it becomes a habit, it's an easy, inexpensive, sure way to have good milk.
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Author:Burrow, Barbara
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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