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Tips for brewing a perfect cup of tea.

There's nothing like a great cup of tea. For many consumers it's a way to start their day; for others it's an afternoon pick-me-up. Some find tea calming or soothing, and yet others believe in its healthy attributes. But tea is fickle--the wrong water temperature can ruin a cup of tea just a easily as under-steeping or over-steeping it. Below are tips from Teavana on how to brew the perfect cup of tea.

Tea Type                         Temp                 Tsp/8oz
Type de The                                        c.a the/35ml

Blooming White               180[degrees]F            1 ball
Fleur de The Blanc           82[degrees]C             1 bille

White                        175[degrees]F              1.5
Blanc                        79[degrees]C

Flavored White               175[degrees]F              1.5
Blanc Aromatise              79[degrees]C

Green                        175[degrees]F               1
Vert                         79[degrees]C

Flavored Green               175[degrees]F               1
Vert Aromatise               79[degrees]C

                             195[degrees]F               1
Oolong                           90-C

Black                 195[degrees]F-205[degrees]F        1
Noir                   90[degrees]C-96[degrees]C

Flavored Mate                208[degrees]F              1.5
Mate Aromatise               98[degrees]C

Flavored Rooibos             208[degrees]F              1.5
Rooibos Aromatise            98[degrees]C

Herbal Infusion              208[degrees]F              1.5
Tisane                       98[degrees]C

Tea Type                 Tsp/8oz           Steep
Type de The           c.a the/35ml        Infusion

Blooming White           2 balls       until bloomed
Fleur de The Blanc      2 billes     jusqu'a leclosion

White                       3               4-5

Flavored White              3                2
Blanc Aromatise

Green                       2           45 sec-1 min

Flavored Green              2                2
Vert Aromatise

                            2                3

Black                       2               2-3

Flavored Mate               3          5-6 hot/chaud
Mate Aromatise                        8-15 iced/glace

Flavored Rooibos            3          5-6 hot/chaud
Rooibos Aromatise                     8-15 iced/glace

Herbal Infusion             3          5-6 hot/chaud
Tisane                                8-15 iced/glace

If stronger flavor is desired, add more tea, not time.

Pour un the plus fort, ajouter plus de the, plutot que de laisser
infuser plus longtemps.

When making iced tea, follow iced tea measurement time and
temperature, then dilute over ice.

Pour faire du the glace, suivre les mesures, temps et temperatures
xorrespondant d la colonne the glace, et verser sur de la glace.

If brewing 2 or more teas together, follow instructions for the tea
with the shortest time and lowest temperature.

Pour faire infuser deux thes ou plus ensemble, suivre les
instructions pour le the avec le temps d'infusion le plus court et
la temperature la plus basse.
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