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Tips for a fun first holiday.

Byline: ECHO Mums with GEMMA JALEEL

T CAN be exciting but daunting, taking your baby on their first summer holiday abroad.

IThere's so much to remember - bottles, nappies, wipes - and that's just the changing bag.

So we've put together a checklist of everything you might need to know for taking your little one away.

TRAVELLING TO YOUR DESTINATIONA TIONA N Do I need a passport for my .baby? Yes. You can apply for a passport online. It costs PS46 to get a child passport online or by filling in an application form and applying by post, or PS55.75 using the Post Office Passport Check and Send service. You will also need to provide two photographs, your child's full birth certificate and a co-signatory. It should take three weeks to get the passport; if you need it quicker, you can use a fast-track service.

Can I bring baby milk on a .plane? Yes. When travelling with a baby you're allowed to take enough baby food, breast milk, formula milk, cow's milk, soya milk and sterilised water over 100ml for the journey. Sterilised water must be in a baby bottle and security staff my ask you to taste it at the security point. Most airlines will also warm up baby food and milk on the plane, but its best to check first.

Does a baby get their own .luggage allowance and am I allowed extra hand luggage for the changing bag? It depends on what airline you are travelling with. Most airlines offer 10kg of hold luggage for infants under two, but no hand luggage allowance, so you will have to fit everything you need for your little one into your own hand luggage allowance. To be sure, check with your airline What do I do with my push-.chair? This can be taken to the boarding gate at most airports, where it will then be taken to load into the hold. Most airlines allow you to check in a pushchair for free. It's probably best to bring a light weight buggy which is easy to collapse, rather than a pram travel system that comes in two parts, so it can fit through the X-ray machine much more easily.

Do I need to bring a car seat .abroad? In the UK, it is a legal requirement for a child to travel in a car seat. This is the same in many other countries, although this does not apply to taxis. However, you can book a taxi in advance which has a car seat from the airport to your hotel. If you would feel better bringing your own car seat, most airlines allow you to check it as hold luggage for free, but you may have to check with your airline.

What else should I take on the .plane? A good idea would be to bring a toy or book to keep your baby entertained, and for older children maybe a portable DVD player so they can watch their favourite shows. Any medicines should be packed in your hand luggage and but check restrictions. Individual sachets of Calpol or Nurofen are ideal.

WHEN YOU GET THERE How can I protect my baby from .the heat? Use a a Factor 50 sunscreen to protect your baby's skin and if they will be paddling in the pool get them a wetsuit which will cover their back arms and legs. A sun hat will also prevent your baby becoming too exposed to the sun, along with a buggy parasol or a UV.


Mums travelling with babies can | |take enough milk for the journey

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Date:Jan 21, 2015
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