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Tippmann Group's new QFR Zone cuts blast freezing expenses in half!

Tippmann Group has developed a new alternative to traditional blast freezing which will save users up to 50% on their utilities and labor associated with blast freezing.

The patent pending QFR Zone (Quick Freeze Racking Zone) handles blast freezing needs completely differently than a traditional blast freezer, and saves money along the way. The system uses open racking in the main freezer portion of your warehouse, eliminating the need for a dedicated room for blast freezing. "The key to the success of the QFR Zone is significantly improved airflow," says Steve Tippmann, Executive Vice President of Tippmann Group. "The QFR Zone pulls air through the pallet spacers and product, rather than blowing air around the pallets in a small room. This ensures that all cases are frozen at the same speed. The improved airflow also allows us to run the refrigeration system at a higher, more efficient temperature like -10 degrees (F), as opposed to -30 degrees (F) or lower, as you would in a traditional blast cell. Those 20 degrees of difference can end up saving you approximately 40% on your blast freezing related utilites."

Labor savings are another huge advantage of the QFR Zone. Using open racking in the warehouse, loading and unloading the pallets is now significantly easier and less time consuming.

"We have the new QFR Zone already in place and working in multiple facilities we recently built, and its performance has exceeded our guarantees," said Tippmann. "Not only are the operating expenses on this system less than traditional blast freezers, but it also costs less to install and can be put into a new facility or retro-fitted into an existing facility as well."

For more information, please call or email Mark Wolf, Marketing Manager at Tippmann Group. (260) 490-3000 or

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Comment:Tippmann Group's new QFR Zone cuts blast freezing expenses in half!
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Date:Feb 1, 2010
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