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Tip Sheet: Getting Fit While on Vacation; Eddie Carrington of Bally Total Fitness Offers Tips to Help Families Get Their Daily Dose of Exercise While on Vacation this Labor Day.

CHICAGO -- It is estimated that more than 30 million people travel one hundred miles or more from their homes over Labor Day weekend. Although this is a great time for relaxation and reflection, it's also an excellent opportunity to get the whole family fit and active. Eddie Carrington, national spokesperson and personal trainer for Bally Total Fitness, offers expert suggestions to help families add exercise to their vacation while still leaving plenty of time to relax:

--Beach Excursions: The advantages of running in the deep sand are endless. Not only does the sand offer great resistance for a tough workout with very low mileage, it also helps to strengthen the muscle groups that are used to complete the run. Beach running is a perfect outdoor total body workout because core muscular strength is enhanced while your body works to maintain balance in the sand. Additionally, running in the sand enhances your overall running strength and speed due to the sand's resistance against your stride. According to leading health experts, the average adult will burn 250 calories in 15 minutes running on dry beach sand. This activity is great for everybody.

--Camping: Camping presents an excellent landscape for a diverse group of family fitness activities. Hiking is a fun camping activity and, depending on the terrain, can be very challenging. Bring along a pedometer to track your steps and the amount of calories you burn as you hike and climb. At the end of the day, gather the entire family together and see who completed the most steps.

--In the Pool: Water-based activities, such as swimming and treading water, are great ways to get both kids and adults moving. Bring along a swimming board or a boogie board to use as a great fitness tool. For an effective and fun workout, hold the board in front of you and try interval training kicking bursts. For a 30-minute workout, move from hard kicking to relaxed kicking in one-two minute bursts. Your arm muscles will be working hard to keep your body stabilized and your leg muscles will be getting a great workout. Have a race with your kids and let them win! You'll all come out feeling like winners.

--Rainy Day: Rainy days are no excuse for being a couch potato. There are many family fitness activities that can be done indoors. Classic games or dancing to songs on the radio will keep your heart rate up and a smile on your face! The average adult can burn up to 200 calories in just 30 minutes of dancing - now that's a workout!

For additional fitness tips or to set up an interview with Eddie Carrington of Bally Total Fitness, please contact Michelle Theos at (201) 964-2361.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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