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Tiny roses for six months of bloom.

DIMINUTIVE VERSIONS of familiar bush roses couldn't be easier to grow, nor more adaptable. They'll bloom off and on for about half the year, and flowers on plants can last indoors for about two weeks if the light level is kept low.

These are true miniature roses, grafted onto upright stock about 10 to 12 inches from soil level. They conform to a variety of training styles, topiary to bonsai. For topiary, shear until flower buds develop, then wait until after bloom. For a bonsai, use clippers to thin the miniature bush and reveal its branch structure.

For container plants, place where roses will receive some afternoon shade, in a pot about 12 inches in diameter and filled with fast-draining potting soil. Roots need evenly moist soil; adding soil polymers will help. Use any standard rose fertilizer, but at half the standard rate.

Several miniature roses are available as trees. Among the best and most widely available are 'Antique Rose' (pink), 'Cherry Magic' (red), 'Chickadee' (pink), 'Galaxy' (red), 'Lavender Jewel' (lavender), 'Mary Marshall' (orange blend), 'Prom Date' (deep pink), 'Rise & Shine' (yellow), and 'Snow Twinkle' (white).

Miniature tree roses cost about $20. If your nursery doesn't carry them, one mail-order nursery has an extensive selection: Sequoia Nursery, 2519 E. Noble Ave., Visalia, Calif. 93277; (209) 732-0190.
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Author:MacCaskey, Michael
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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