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Tiny house of spam.

Anyone who watches HGTV knows that "tiny houses" that can be hitched to a trailer and easily moved are all the rage these days. So, it makes perfect sense that officials at Hormel Foods are celebrating this summer with the SPAM Brand Tiny House of Sizzle Tour.

Measuring only 185.37 square feet, the Tiny House aims to bring communities together around food, with the Tiny SPAM kitchen serving as the heart of the home. The Tiny House is traveling coast to coast, sharing delightful dishes and simple recipes served right from the Tiny SPAM kitchen.

Highlighting SPAM's versatility to be paired in many different ways, the Tiny House's menu features unique, on-trend recipes created by locally-recognized chefs and influencers alongside SPAM brand favorites, such as SPAM Musubi and SPAM sliders. The tour's signature dish is the Spicy SPAM Breakfast Burrito recipe created by celebrity Chef Jordan Adino. Additional local and influencer partners include Hawaii native Chef Bradley Lum and Detroit influencer Lori Yates from Foxes and Lemons.

Upcoming stops on the tour include Sacramento, Calif.; Seattle; Portland, Ore., and San Francisco.

"The SPAM Brand Tiny House of Sizzle Tour encourages you to indulge your five senses hear the sizzle; see the dish come to life; touch, smell and, of course, taste various SPAM dishes in their finest form--sizzled to perfection," says Resha Hovdo, SPAM brand manager at Hormel Foods, based in Austin, Minn. "We're inviting everyone to join us as we celebrate summer hanging out at the Tiny House with friends and family, playing games and enjoying good food."

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Title Annotation:Trade/talk
Author:Turcsik, Richard
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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