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Tiny brains of Tories evident; Views of the North.

THE debate about regional pay is quite delicious in that it renders the mindset of the Conservative Party quite naked.

If you strip away the sophistry and obfuscation, what David Cameron and George Osborne are saying is, simply, that a Southerner is worth more than a Northerner, irrespective of any close examination of any individuals involved.

Or if you want to be pedantic, as I'm sure the people of Cornwall and Devon will argue, a South Easterner is worth more than a Northerner or a South Westerner and so on. These utterances illustrate, with beautiful crystal clarity, the primeval, ignorant and tiny brains of these Tory dinosaurs and yet they claim to have reconstructed their world view; how could they have? They are the product of a phenomenally narrow elitist system and therefore have completely limited information to base their impoverished prejudices on.

Obviously pay should be regional, but the regions should be the regions of competence and conscientiousness. A brilliant schoolteacher from Middlesbrough should be paid much more than a timeserver in Guildford, an efficient civil servant in Longbenton is worth 100 fools in the Admiralty.

The regions of ability and commitment are so much harder to search out and define than those of longtitude and latitude.

Once again, those who espouse the free market and meritocracy are utterly incapable of overcoming the ancient caste system which formed them and undermines all they claim to believe in.

JOHN WOODING, by email
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 27, 2012
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