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Tiny Joyce cans thief.

An off-licence manageress saw off an armed raider by pelting him with booze cans and bottles.

The 6ft 2in robber wielding a metal bar towered over 4ft 11in Joyce Jordan.

But the former school netball captain cut him down to size when she hit him on the head with a four-pack of beer cans and struck him on the shoulder with a bottle of scotch.

Trevor Harding, 26, fled empty-handed shouting: "I'm out of here - you're lunatics."

After Harding was jailed for five years a judge awarded the plucky shopkeeper pounds 250.

Joyce, 46, who runs Bargain Booze near Wilmslow, Cheshire, said: "I'm a battler. I don't give in easily - and I wasn't going to give in to him.

"The bottles hit him and landed in the crisps - so they didn't smash."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 6, 1996
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