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Timmins economy loses guiding hand.

Timmins economy loses guiding hand

The Timmins Economic Development Corporation and the Cochrane-Timiskaming Travel Association (James Bay Frontier) lost a guiding hand with the passing of Jim Reid on March 24.

Mr. Reid, 55, died of heart failure while travelling to Florida.

"It took us all back," said Guy Lamarche, managing director of the travel association. "We were all in a state of shock.

"We have to come back and make sure his dreams are realized."

Mr. Reid had been a member of the association for several years and had served as its chairman since 1986.

Mr. Reid's role with the association has been assumed on an interim basis by vice-presidents Dan Porteous and Nettie Pettan. According to Lamarche, tourism committees will be making nominations for the position, the nominations will be reviewed by James Bay Frontier's board of directors and a successor is expected to be in place by the middle of the month.

At the economic development office, Mayor Dennis Welin appointed city clerk Jack Watson to fill in for his long-time friend until a permanent replacement is found.

According to Watson, Mr. Reid's passing didn't have any substantial impact on projects which were in progress, but it did affect the staff members of the office.

"The projects will carry on because Jim kept good files and kept people well-informed," Watson said. "But you don't have the individual there with you and that will have an impact.

"It's a moment of great loss and people understand that Jim would have wanted them to carry on."

Mr. Reid had been a member of the economic development corporation for two decades. Prior to the formation of the local agency in the late 1960s, he was employed by the Ontario Regional Development Corporation.

During recent months, Mr. Reid had been involved with the Timmins Underground Mine Tour, the revitalization of Schumacher's downtown core and the waterfront development project along the Mattagami River. However, Watson said Mr. Reid's touch was evident in the smaller projects which were created under his guidance.

"Jim worked with a lot of local people setting up businesses and helping inventors," he said. "It's hard to zero on one thing in particular, but if you put all the projects together you can see he's certainly had an impact on the community."

According to Watson, a search for a replacement will be concentrated in this province. "We've got some good people in Ontario," he said.

The closing date for applications is May 15, and local officials are looking for someone with a degree in either marketing or business.

"Economic development is a tough business," said Watson. "People want instant results, but it's a slow process."

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Title Annotation:Jim Reid dies of heart attack
Author:Kreljgaard, Chris
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Date:May 1, 1990
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