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The intended goals of the Timmins strategic plan are to attract new investment, retain existing employment and diversify the economic base. They will achieve their goals by focusing on five potential opportunities: cogeneration plants, casinos, transportation, value-added wood products and reduced telecommunication costs.

1.) Discover Abitbi, an estimated $12-million initiative has been a huge success. Over the last year and a half, results for the Abitibi corridor indicate the area is considered to be the richest area for mineral deposits in the world.

2.) With private industry participation and expertise, and the Ministry of Natural Resources' forestry knowledge, Timmins representatives would like to create an initiative similar to the Abitibi project that would highlight the region as area of forestry excellence. Although it is still in the preliminary stage, it has gained much momentum in the region. As well, the city is looking at value-added product manufacturing to complement the sector.

3.) With the deregulation of the electricity market and the presence of large industry in Timmins the environment is ripe for cogeneration plants fueled by wood waste from local forestry operations or natural gas. The energy would then be sold on the open market.

Plans to consider such a development were reintroduced after years of being shelved.

4.) After 9/11 there has been a huge push to move data information away from major cities. The City of Timmins would like to begin marketing the area as a prime spot for data storing. Local development representatives are looking to draw on new opportunities in this field.
Statistics Canada 2001 Census of Labour Force

Mining 2,595
Agriculture 465
Manufacturing 1,255
Construction 1,460

Selected Services
Financial & Insurance 460
Real Estate 235
Wholesale Trade 705
Retail Trade 2,970
Transportation 1,085
Professional & Scientific 790
Health Care 2,260
Total 21,850
Males 11,840
Females 10,015
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