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Timesman: Dishonest salesladies!

I feel secured when I am in the house. My location is just a stone's throw away from the village entrance guard house where anyone entering the gate, people or vehicles, is being checked. CCTVs operate 24/7 installed all over the well-maintained community of almost 200 families, mostly professionals or key officers in private companies and government offices.

Aside from the security guards assigned at the entrance gate, regular guards on motorcycles are also making the rounds of the subdivision to keep the area safe from intruders.

My pet dog Shih Tzu is my only companion in the house whenever Jin Lorenz is in school. Coco barks when the doorbell rings or a stranger comes at the front gate.

But whenever I step out of the house and drive to do some shopping in downtown malls, that is when I feel am no longer secured while driving alone. Afraid that I might forget to put on the seatbelt and be apprehended for a traffic violation.

I don't need to remind people of my age on the don'ts and dos on traffic rules and regulations since most of them have drivers or bodyguards of their own.

My other concern is when shopping and meeting dishonest salesladies.

Here are some tips to fellow senior citizens who might have been victimized unknowingly in the past by some unscrupulous sales attendants thinking that we are already that old and can be shortchanged or manipulated.

While buying my maintenance medicine in a mall's drug store the other day, I gave the cashier P1,000 for P350 worth of my medicine purchased after the usual discount given to senior citizens was deducted. At the time, the supervisor was with the cashier monitoring the transaction in the counter.

When I noticed that the change was P150, I told the cashier that I gave her P1,000 and the change should be P650.

The cashier said she received P500 only and it also appeared in the machine registry receipt.

I told the cashier that I can't be wrong because that's all I have in my wallet and I can trace its serial number because I have recorded it. I also warned her that I will not leave the counter unless she believes me.

Suddenly, the cashier changed her tone and asked the supervisor to check the money flow as my payment is already in the office. Maybe she realized that with the serial number I recorded I can prove my claim.

Then I asked her: 'Ano, within seconds wala na ang cash ko diyan?'

She didn't answer me and instead she offered me a chair which I rejected while she entertained the other senior citizen next to me.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the supervisor reappeared and told the cashier, 'P1,000 talaga ang pera.'

Without saying sorry for the (intentional?) inconvenience she committed, the cashier handed me the exact change of P650 while I saw the supervisor keeping a distance, smiling.

Before leaving the counter, I told the cashier that the color of P1,000 is bluish while the P500 is brownish. 'How come you didn't see the difference, ang bata bata mo pa?' I asked.

'Sir, may kalokohan talaga,' a lady customer quipped. Then she picked up a P100 from her wallet and told the cashier: 'Oh, baka P1,000 ang tingin mo diyan?' Hehe.

Just imagine how many senior citizens or other customers were already cheated by this kind of 'modus'?

I am always on alert whenever I transacts in cash because past experiences thought me that when money is already involved some people suddenly become evil-minded.

I call on malls and other retail store owners to be extra careful in hiring personnel handling cash transactions in their respective establishments. It may not only happen to me, or it may not also an isolated case. Posibleng may milagrong ginagawa ang ilan sa mga tauhan ninyo!

Just a reminder to my friends and readers who might have still thinking of giving me gift for this coming Christmas season as they have usually done in the past.

While I do appreciate your kind thoughts and never ending concern of our long years of knowing each other, may I request that you may now forward any cash or in kind intended for me to the city's street children's office where your kindness will be more than of helped and appreciated. Thanks in advance to all who will heed this call.
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Publication:Mindanao Times (Mindanao, Philippines)
Date:Sep 24, 2018
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