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Times article becomes ad for new Manhattan condo.

An editorial piece in the New York Times has been incorporated in its entirely into a print ad for 353 Central Park West -- the 22-story luxury residential condominium on Manhattan's West Side being developed by Kiska Developers.

Using an entire Times story for advertising is an approach rarely seen in this city -- or anywhere else -- according to Ric Katz, president/creative director of The Ramstar Group, the Manhattan-based agency responsible for the building's and campaign.

"One rarely gets the opportunity to capitalize on a rave review by such an authoritative medium as The Times," said Katz. "In more than two decades of producing advertising and marketing for developers here, I can't recall that kind of story or headline in the paper's editorial pages. It was just too good to pass up."

The story, which appeared in the Times' Thursday Home Section, extols the 16, one-to-a-floor residences located in the 19-story apartment tower. Under the headline, "The Dream Apartment," copy notes that it is not easy to find the New York apartment one expects from the movies.

"Views of Central Park and the midtown skyline, sunlight streaming through large windows, separate dining rooms and libraries, and even wood-burning fireplaces seem not to be in plentiful supply," wrote the Times. "Apartment hunters faced with dismally banal upended shoe boxes, with low ceilings and dining alcoves, often assume that the good apartments went the way of peeled grapes and top hats."

After working out an arrangement with the Times to reprint the story and use the paper's instantly recognizable logo, Linda Albano, Ramstar's executive vice-president, elected to position the four-paragraph story and photo as the dominant elements of her ad layout. The only addition is a narrow band panel at the bottom containing the building's logo, prices, phone number and mandatory legal copy.

"After the Times says it, what else is there to add?" Katz explains. The ad, which ran in the Times' Sunday Magazine, Hollywood Reporter and Quest, is part of Ramstar's campaign to associate the architectural character and ambiance of the West Side and Central Park neighborhoods to the building's own distinctive values.

"Identifying this building with the culture, visual excitement and emotional appeal long associated with luxury living on Manhattan's posh Central Park is both logical and natural," says Mr. Katz. "Residents of 353 Central Park West will literally enjoy Central Park as their front yard.

"In addition, the building is the newest and only new construction on Upper Central Park West, and may well be the last of the landmark residential towers in the great tradition of prewar Central Park West architecture. It is as dedicated to all that is cultured individualistic about the West Side as its famous neighbors, from The Majestic and The Eldorado to The Dakota and The Ardsley."

Interest in the condominium's three-bedroom residences has been high since sales opened earlier this spring, according to sales director Lenore Cross.

"The public has responded well to the location and amenities in this dignified building," said Cross. "These include an abundance of privacy from the limited collection of only 15, one-to-a-floor homes, plus a duplex penthouse, huge layouts ranging up to 2,700 square feet, spectacular views of Central Park from every residence, and interior design treatments that combine 'old-world' quality with all the modern conveniences of condominium living."

353 Central Park West is notable for a massive gray granite and limestone base that steps back dramatically as the facade rises to a multi-towered and elaborately-detailed crop. This abundance of stylistic detailing is repeated throughout the facade in a series of column-like architectural elements, and multiple cast iron "French Balcony" railings.
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Title Annotation:New York Times; condominium project being developed in Manhattan, New York, New York
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Jun 10, 1992
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