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Byline: By Lynne Allbutt

My frustration is exacerbated by an irrational and debilitating habit of gauging my self worth and self esteem to the size of my salary

I AM studying The Science of Getting Rich. It feels like a confession because people don't like talking about money. A lot of people find it easier to talk about death, criminal activity and even sex rather than money and I'm sure there are many people sharing a bed who don't share a bank account.

A very wealthy, self made client once gave me some brusque advice as I shuffled and stuttered whilst giving him a quote for extensive landscaping work.

He said to me, 'Lynne, never, ever be embarrassed to talk about money because it'll stop you making any.'

I have always found giving clients quotes or 'guestimates' the hardest aspect of my work.

If you are seen to assume they have money, they can be offended but not as offended as if you assume they haven't.

My frustration is exacerbated by an irrational and debilitating habit of gauging my self worth and self esteem to the size of my salary.

Despite having implemented adequate funding for my 'time out', there have been times when acknowledging the dust on my paying-in book has almost paralysed me.

I'm not alone. Many of us have hang-ups about money and our desire for more of it. Being brought up with negative associations about being wealthy is not healthy or wise.

If we are not being told, 'money is the root of all evil', then we are telling ourselves, 'money goes to money' and 'money is scarce' or even having subconscious thoughts like 'being rich means I can't be spiritual' and bizarrely, 'my life would change if I was wealthy'.

Of course it would. That's the whole point. Bring it on!

These negative beliefs will prevent you from making the amount of money you want. The good news is that learned behaviour can be unlearned and therefore restrictive, negative thinking can be turned around into positive and productive thoughts.

But no one said it's easy.

One of the hardest things to do is to constantly maintain an unfamiliar thought process.

It's worth the effort though. We all have the ability to promote thoughts that will bring wealth or any other desires into our lives.

There is no obvious common denominator to generating wealth. It seems that the environment, geography, talent, effort, skill, age, size, upbringing or education cannot be relied on solely. Neither can who you know, what you know or what you know about who you know.

However, there is a recommended formula.

An unwavering desire and belief that one deserves to be wealthy coupled with heartfelt gratitude for what one already has.

Sounds simple, until you ask yourself whether you really, really, really believe that you deserve such wealth.

Maybe you do. But I suspect you don't.

It is actually a Universal Law that we all deserve to be wealthy because it is only without the worry of not having enough money that we can really afford the necessary time and energy to pursue our spiritual journey; to invest time and patience into relationships, to avoid stresses and strains that a lack of money generates and to generally better ourselves and develop as we all aspire to.

Therefore, it is also sensible to want to be rich. And to overcome the embarrassment of talking about it.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 3, 2007
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