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Evolution of the weather model

1593 invention of the thermometer (Galileo)

1632 Trade winds resulted from the Earth's rotation (Bacon)

1643 Invention of the mercury barometer (Torricelli)

1686 Global wind belts explained (Halley)

1735 Understanding of the Trade winds improved (Hadley)

1756 Trade winds better explained (Kant)

1783 First meteorological measurements from a balloon (Cesar)

1788 First instrumented weather observations taken in Australia (Dawes)

1805 Beaufort Scale first appeared (Beaufort)

1805 Classification of clouds (Howard)

1816 Weather maps first appeared (Brandes)

1828 Equatorial Trough (Doldrums) explained (von Humboldt)

1837 Invention of the telegraph (Morse)

1841 Apparent turning due to Earth's rotation-Coriolis "force" (Coriolis)

1844 Invention of the aneroid barometer (Vidie)

1848-1860 First wind charts for the oceans (Maury)

1852 UK Met Office established

1856 Relationship between pressure and winds (Buys Ballot)

1856 Global wind circulation (Ferrel)

1859 First intensive study of the Australian climate (Jevons)

1861 First storm warning system for shipping established in UK (Fitzroy)

1870's Birth of synoptic meteorology (Koppen)

1876 First world wind charts (Coffin)

1877 First weather map to appear in an Aus newspaper (Russell)

1878 Idea of the cold front first conceived (Ley)

1884 First long range forecast of the monsoons (Blanford)

1901 First long distance wireless transmissions (Marconi/Tesla)

1908 Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) established

1921 Polar front theory of weather (Bjerknes)

1922 First attempt at Numerical Weather Forecasting (Richardson)

1949 First successful numerical forecast (Charney)

1950 Laboratory model of the global circulations (Fultz)

1955 Numerical Weather Prediction became operational as electronic computers came onto the scene.

1960 First weather satellite launched-(USA)

1968 First computer appeared in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

1969 First operational numerical analysis performed in Australia

1976 First numerical weather forecasts produced for the Southern Hemisphere

1977 First Japanese geostationary meteorological satellite launched

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