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Timed loaded standing in female chronic fatigue syndrome compared with other populations.

Veterans often experience ongoing fatigue. Like patients with osteoporosis, veterans report difficulties with standing or sitting upright for a prolonged time. We compared combined trunk and arm endurance between women with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), women with osteoporosis, nondisabled women from industrialized countries and women from non-industrialized countries (India, Africa) using timed loaded standing (TLS). This test measures how long a person can hold a 1 kg dumbbell in each hand in front of him/her with straight arms. TLS scores were lower in CFS than in the other populations. We propose that influencing the quality, rather than the quantity, of movement could be useful in rehabilitation.

Jan b Eyskens, MSc PT, DO, Pr Ph, et al.

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Title Annotation:at a Glance
Author:Eyskens, Jan B.
Publication:Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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