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TimeSys(R) Expands Educational Webinar Series to Include Embedded Training Curriculum for LinuxLink Subscribers.

PITTSBURGH -- TimeSys(R) Corporation, the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, announces the next series of embedded Linux webinars, available beginning in June. The latest series will offer free educational sessions and more in-depth training available to LinuxLink subscribers through the developer exchange. Both the educational and training sessions will be available via webinar, allowing attendees to interact with TimeSys experts and developers. While both sessions will be recorded and archived for convenient replay, the training curriculum will be expanded to provide an on-demand resource for subscribers.

Educational Webinar Series:

TimeSys offers its services through LinuxLink subscriptions, which includes a number of cross-development and Eclipse-based tools that simplify every step in the development process. As follow-on to cross-development topics, each of the new sessions will explore challenges in embedded development, and enable live interaction with technical experts from TimeSys. Topics covered in this new Webinar series include:

Eclipse and Embedded

Learn about the core capabilities of the Eclipse project, how Eclipse manages project and where you can download this great, free tool. While the Eclipse project started as an integrated development environment for Java developers, the additional tools for C/C++ programmers developed in the C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) make Eclipse a viable for those coding in C/C++ using the GNU's GCC toolset. Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time/1:00 PM Eastern Time


Embedded Development with TimeStorm

Engineers involved in embedded projects have special requirements not found in standard integrated development environments. TimeSys built the TimeStorm product on top of Eclipse to satisfy these requirements: tool chain management, cross-compilation and remote program execution and debugging. In this webinar, you'll see first hand how TimeStorm solves these problems and how it boosts the productivity of developers by offering a complete, integrated solution for embedded developers. Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time/1:00 PM Eastern Time


OProfile and TimeStorm

Embedded systems typically have timing constraints and resource contention bottlenecks that are difficult to find with intrusive debugging tools. To solve these problems, embedded engineers need tools that record the state of the system while it's running and TimeStorm's latest release includes tight integration with OProfile to provide this functionality. This webinar will walk through using TimeStorm and OProfile to examine a system that has a priority inversion, so you can see first-hand the ease of using OProfile and the data visualization tools included in this release of TimeStorm. Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time/1:00 PM Eastern Time


LinuxLink Training Curriculum:

TimeSys will also kick-off a training curriculum for LinuxLink and Developer Suite subscribers. These training sessions will focus on using LinuxLink and Embedded Linux tools to be successful in embedded development projects. The training curriculum and schedule will be accessible by logging into the Developer Exchange ( Initial topics to be covered in the training series include:

Overview of new features (TimeStorm 3.2)

Participants in this webinar will learn about the new productivity tools in TimeStorm 3.2. This release of TimeStorm includes tight integration with OProfile as well as a host of other features and improvements. The webinar will also include an overview of the TimeStorm product for new subscribers.

Application development and debugging using LinuxLink Developer Suite

Start with an empty workspace and build working application as you get a guided tour on how to use TimeStorm for application development and debugging. This webinar will walk users through the mechanics of setting-up a project, adding a compiler to the environment and debugging code on a remote target, all within the TimeStorm integrated development environment.

Linux kernel development and debugging using LinuxLink Developer Suite

Kernel development doesn't have to be done from the command-line! TimeStorm offers the same level of integration and convenience for kernel developers and application developers. During this webinar, you'll learn how to create a project based on a Linux kernel, use the kernel configuration editor, build your project and even remotely debug the kernel from within the TimeStorm integrated development environment.

Target root file system design using LinuxLink Developer Suite

Creating a fully-functional root file system (RFS) using traditional tools can be a daunting task; fortunately, TimeStorm includes tools substantially reducing the effort necessary to create a RFS for your target system. This webinar will lead the participant step-by-step through the process of creating a RFS from components with TimeStorm. Participants in this webinar will learn about the features in TimeStorm that take the risk and frustration out of the creating an RFS.

Using the LinuxLink Developer Suite online builder

As a LinuxLink Developer Suite subscriber, you have access to the same powerful tools that TimeSys uses to create Linux distributions. Learn how to use the LinuxLink Builder on-line tool to create your own Linux distributions from a combination of LinuxLink-supplied and your own components. Wizards in LinuxLink make starting a project easy and the Builder gives you control over every aspect of your distribution.

System profiling using LinuxLink Developer Suite

System profiling allows you to see and diagnose resource contention and timing problems by monitoring your project while its running code and displaying the results in a easy to understand format. TimeStorm's integration with OProfile provides a complete system profiling solution and this webinar will show the participant how to take advantage of this new feature. Learn what programs you need on your target system, how to compile your code and how to collect results from within the TimeStorm integrated development environment. Understand what problems you can solve with OProfile and how to get the most from this great new addition to TimeStorm.

About TimeSys Corporation

TimeSys is the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, delivering LinuxLink subscriptions that empower developers to rapidly and efficiently create their own commercial-grade custom Linux platform. The continuously updated cross-compiled components, information and systems offered through LinuxLink subscriptions are aggregated from the open source community, semiconductor manufacturers and TimeSys and hosted in the TimeSys Network. For more information, visit
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Date:Jun 9, 2006
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