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Time. (spirituality cafe).

"Spending time. Investing time, saving time, borrowing time, beating time, hoarding time, defying time, managing time, needing time, lacking time, squandering time, buying time, wasting time, gaining time, passing time, using time, taking time, killing time.

"So many metaphors for time. So many ways we construct it. As if it's one more finite and measurable commodity, at our disposal to be wisely invested for maximum return [and] in order to have more of it, somehow trick the universe into giving us a few extra hours.

"How utterly ambivalent we are about time. It is at once our most precious asset and our worst enemy." (Marlene Schiwy, Simple Days: A Journal on What Really Matters; Sorin, 2002)
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Date:May 1, 2002
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