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Time-saving gadgets for mums; Mums are the busiest people in the world and getting everything done can seem an impossible task. We asked The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury to pick the ones that really trim time off chores.

Byline: Kate Horwath

(1) Wet Straight Pro Want to save yourself the time and effort of first drying and then straightening your hair? These professional straighteners promise to do both jobs with one action.

JASON SAYS: "This gadget saves you a chunk of time. The plates heat up in seconds and there's a variable heat control plus special technology that locks in moisture."

pounds 39.99, JML,

(2) LED Spotlights

Simply take these out of the pack, fit batteries (not supplied), peel off the adhesive backing and stick them up. To turn them on or off, just push!

JASON SAYS: "There's literally no wiring or drilling required, making life a lot easier when fitting a new light. As they are low-power consumers, their batteries last for ages too."

pounds 7.99, JML,

(3) Magic Tablecloth

Save time at the table with this tablecloth that repels liquid. Perfect for the kids' teatime.

JASON SAYS: "Thanks to SpillGuard technology, spilt liquids simply roll off the fabric plus it can be machinewashed.

I have two toddlers and a new baby so feeding times can be messy!"

pounds 14.99, JML,

(4) 3-in-1 Laundry Bag

Rather than rooting through the family laundry basket, this polyester bag means everyone can sort their own.

JASON SAYS: "I know it should be simple but one rogue sock can ruin your whites. This makes sorting simple thanks to the bag's three colour-coded compartments."

pounds 20,

(5) iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner 555

Hate vacuuming? Now it can be as hassle-free as hitting the button on this robot cleaner.

JASON SAYS: "This can navigate four rooms and be programmed for seven days. It even tells you when a room is clean and goes back to its charging dock when it's finished."

pounds 299.99, Lakeland,

(6) Shopping iPhone app

Fit in the shopping at any time of day or night and if you don't finish it simply save the list and complete it next time.

JASON SAYS: "This app makes Ocado even more convenient and of course your shopping magically appears at the door!" Free. Search for it on the iPhone's application menu. 8GB iPhone 3G, free on a 24-month contract (paying pounds 30 a month)

(7) Purple quilt clips

You don't have to wait for your other half to get around to helping you change the bed any more.

JASON SAYS: "These clips are a great new innovation. Put two corners of the duvet in the cover, attach the clips to the duvet and they hold them for you!"

pounds 3, Debenhams,

(8) Astonish Toilet Bowl Cleaner Simply leave one of these tablets in the toilet bowl overnight and in the morning it'll be clean. Easy.

JASON SAYS: "This product cleans, disinfects, deodorises and removes limescale. It'll give you more time to get back online to find even more ways to speed up the housework."

pounds 2.39, Lakeland,

(9) Magic Oven Liner* Just cut a piece the size of your oven floor, pop inside and that's it! *(Don't use in ovens where the heating element is in the base.)

JASON SAYS: "A real elbow-grease and time saver. According to the manufacturers it can withstand at least five years of constant use. The sheets are heat-resistant up to 260 degrees C."

pounds 9.99, Lakeland,

(10) GroBox Gardens in a Box Growing your own may seem like a luxury if you've no spare time but this is simple.

JASON SAYS: "A garden in a box is the perfect solution for people like me who have always wanted to grow stuff but thought it would be too much effort. Dig a hole in your garden, poke the holes through the box and bury it in the soil - if it's a little dry, you might have to water it. Then sit back and wait."

pounds 5.99, IWOOT,

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Date:Apr 23, 2010
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