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Time warp in the heartland.

Giving someone the time of day can be confusing if you live in Indiana. Host of the state's 92 counties are on Eastern time--except for the 10 counties that prefer Central. time. And most of Indiana never goes on daylight saving time, a refusal that dates back 30 years to the complaints of farmers and drive-in movie owners. Of course, there are exceptions: The 10 counties on Central. time spring forward and fall back with the rest of the nation, as do a few other counties near Louisville, Ky., and Cincinnati, Ohio. State officials have decided that art of Indiana will go on daylight saving time starting this April., setting off a new debate over the problem of having two time zones in one state. Now, 17 counties have petitioned to switch over to Central time. "You never know what time it is around here, and it Looks to me now as though we may never know," says Betty Richards, an Indiana resident who wishes the entire state would settle on one time zone. "I want to be able to go somewhere at 8 o'clock and have it be 8 o'clock where I'm going. Is that too much to ask?"
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Title Annotation:Indiana state, different time zones
Publication:New York Times Upfront
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Date:Jan 9, 2006
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