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Time to shop till you're stocked; YOUR LIFE; CASH QUEENS; For brilliant money-saving tips and deals to make your cash go further every week.

Byline: Ruki Sayid and Tricia Phillips

WITH the kids back at school, busy hard-up parents need to do themselves a favour and stock up for meal times.

And with a host of decent deals on offer for shopping basket staples like meat and veg, now's a great opportunity to fill the freezer, fridge and kitchen cupboards.

We've trawled the aisles to track down bargains from mince and fish to pasta and rice, so you can rustle up your youngsters' favourite dishes at the weekend.

And why not make a bulk batch while you're chopping, peeling and stirring to save precious time in the week. Ready, steady - cook!

* All prices correct at going to press


5 cod fillets (450g), Tesco. PS3.70 or two for PS6. SAVE: PS1.40

Cook from Frozen haddock fillets (360g), Asda. PS2.90 or two for PS5. SAVE: 80p

Market Street sea bass fillets (180g), Morrisons. PS4 or three for PS10. SAVE: PS2

4 wild pink salmon fillets (480g), Iceland. PS4 or three for PS10. SAVE: PS2

Birds Eye fish fingers with omega 3 (504g), Sainsbury's. Were PS3, now PS2. SAVE: PS1 lets ree ME


Unfatted topside/top rump beef roasting joint (1kg-1.8kg), Sainsbury's. Was PS8, now PS6.50. SAVE: PS1.50

Butcher's Selection chicken breast fillet portions (525g). Asda, PS4 or three for PS10. SAVE: PS2

Unsmoked gammon joint (750g), Morrisons. Was PS4, now PS2.60. SAVE: PS1.40

Thin cut pork loin steaks (600g), Tesco. Were PS3.50, now PS3. SAVE: 50p

The Butcher's Market British lean beef steak mince (400g), Iceland. PS3 or three for PS8. SAVE: PS1 Te 50 be V

Birds Eye country mixed vegetables (690g), Tesco. PS2 or two for PS3. SAVE: PS1

Slimzone spiced sweet potatoes (500g), Asda. Were PS1.50, now PS1. SAVE: 50p

Birds Eye garden peas (800g), Iceland. PS2 or two for PS3.50.

SAVE: 50p

Growers Pride peas, leek & broccoli with herbed butter (170g), Waitrose. PS1.50 or three for PS4. SAVE: 50p

Green Giant original sweetcorn (4x198g), Morrisons. Was PS2.74, now PS2. SAVE: 74p YDAI


Muller Corner strawberry, peach & apricot yogurt variety pack (6 x 150g), Sainsbury's. Were PS3.50, now PS2. SAVE: PS1.50

Babybel mini original (6), Asda. Were PS1.84, now PS1. SAVE: 84p

Davidstow Cornish mature cheddar (350g), Morrisons. Was PS4, now PS3. SAVE: PS1

Petits Filous strawberry, raspberry fromage frais (4 x 85g), Tesco. PS1.50 or two for PS2. SAVE: PS1

British mature cheddar grated cheese (250g), Iceland. PS2 or two for PS3. SAVE: PS1 M PS3 DRI


Tilda pure basmati rice (1kg), Tesco. Was PS4.75, now PS2.37. SAVE: PS2.38

Badshah superior aged basmati rice (2kg), Morrisons. Was PS4, now PS3. SAVE: PS1

Napolina penne rigate bronze die pasta (500g), Waitrose. Was PS2, now PS1.33. SAVE: 67p

Taste the Difference fusilloni (500g), Sainsbury's. Was PS1.70, now PS1. SAVE: 70p

Napolina spaghetti (500g), Asda. PS1 or two for PS1.50.SAVE: 50p

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Date:Sep 14, 2018
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