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Time to review ties with US, say Pakistani expats.

THE relations between Pakistan and the US have touched a new low after the recent Abbottabad attack in which Osama bin Laden was killed.

To make matters worse, the US President Barack Obama has said that he would go for another raid on the Pakistani territory if he found 'very high-value target' there.

Pakistani parliament as well as the military has condemned the US actions.

Qatar Tribune's reporter LN Mallick spoke to some expatriate Pakistanis to find out what they think about the US attack in Abbottabad and the future of Pakistan-US ties.

Excerpts: CHINA IS TRUE FRIEND OF PAKISTAN Mohammed Tahir Jamil Vice-President of the Pakistan Engineers Forum Pakistan-US relations are at a very delicate stage, as both seem to have lost trust in each other.

The recent attack on Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad without the knowledge of Pakistani authorities is a glowing example of mistrust that exists between the two countries.

I think that by killing Osama without taking Islamabad into confidence, the US has attacked the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Many Pakistanis believe that the recent attack on PNS Mehran, a Pakistan naval base in Karachi, was the handiwork of some external forces.

These incidents have put a question mark on our ability to protect our nuclear assets, besides reflecting the drawback of our military.

It's obvious that the US is friend of its own interest, and that is why Barack Obama stated recently that he would go for another US raid on the Pakistani territory if he found 'very highvalue target' there.

Such a statement is clear violation of our sovereignty.

During this crisis, we have found that China is a true friend of Pakistan.

Even during the visit of our prime minister to Beijing, China, it reiterated its firm faith in Pakistan's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

OBAMA'S REMARK ADDED INSULT TO INJURY Ummat Hassan Bangash President of the Pak Pashto Adabi Tolna The US violated our country's sovereignty by attacking Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad.

Obama's threat to go for more raids to kill high-valued targets has added insult to injury.

There are rumours that there was some sort of understanding between the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and the US for the attack on Osama.

Since things are not transparent, people are in the dark about the truth.

If there was no agreement, our government should be bold enough to tell the US that enough is enough.

We should not compromise on our integrity and sovereignty.

We should be ready to stand on our own without the US aid.

It is high time our country came closer to China.

US VIOLATED PAKISTAN'S SOVEREIGNTY GGuull Yousef Tuti Khan Mohmand Chairman of the Pak Pashto Adabi Karawan We should try to be self-reliant if we want to ensure that no country dictates terms to us.

We can only pay the US in the same coin if we stop seeking aid from the West.

The US attack on Osama bin Laden at Abbottabad is a clear example of interference in our internal matters.

Barack Obama has violated our sovereignty by sending commandoes to kill Osama.

Pakistani is a great nation and we must learn to understand this.

We cannot allow any country to enter our territory with aggressive intentions.

Instead of being dependent on foreign aid, we must manage our resources properly and become self-reliant.

We must understand that self-respect is more important than monetary gains.

It is high time we took lesson from the great warrior Tipu Sultan who had once said, 'Oneday life of a lion is better than hundred years of jackal'.

Our government should show some vision and learn how to run the country without foreign aid.

We must get out of the shadow of the US and forge good ties with China.

Our government should try to strengthen our economy.

As nonresident Pakistanis, we are always ready to contribute for the development of our motherland.

STOP TAKING AID TO KEEP HEAD HIGH Mian Aneesuddin Senior Planning Economics and Contracts Engineer I think the first thing Pakistan needs to do is to stop taking aid from the US, if it wants to keep its sovereignty intact.

The US is dictating terms because it knows that Pakistan cannot run its affairs without financial assistance from the West.

By being dependent on external aid, Pakistan is fast losing its dignity and selfrespect.

We must learn to stand on our feet and face the challenges or we will be forced time and again to suffer in disgrace.

We, as a nation, must join hands and pledge to make sacrifices to restore the dignity of our country.

Our leaders must understand that we cannot live with our heads held high unless we break away from the vicious cycle of aid.

We must ensure that no country dares to interfere in our internal affairs.

I think it is of no use complaining against the US as we are ourselves responsible for our plight.

REDEFINE TIES WITH THE US Mohammad Hasan Imam Pakistani national I think Pakistan's foreign policy is too US-centric.

It is never wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

Pakistan should forge ties with other countries on the basis of mutual respect and cooperation.

Our relationships with different countries like the US, China, India, EU, Russia and Iran should be redefined keeping in mind our national interests.

We should not appear like a protege of any country.

In order to restore our lost dignity, our government must take steps to set the country's house in order.

It should take urgent steps to fight corruption and strengthen the economy.

We can protect our sovereignty only by standing on our feet.

If we don't take tough decisions now, we will be forced to suffer ignominy in future.

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Date:May 30, 2011
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