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Time to reclaim the black body indeed.

The time is now, not nigh, that we adopt the spider's web doctrine suggested by the author Onyeani in his capitalist nigger philosophy and stop feeling sorry for ourselves!


As Ngugi wa Thiong'o put it in his speech, "Time to reclaim the black body" (NA, July): "African languages languish ... I'm a black writer by choice and by experience."

You know what! I tried to write this renowned African writer's name correctly, with all the right accent marks, but this modern Western technology (laptop) is not programmed to respect "such" surnames and marks. By comparison, when I type a French word using the MSWord programme, it corrects the spelling in the right way immediately I tap the space bar!

Ever wondered why our languages do not mean a thing to the manufacturers of these machines--how it is they have software dealing with Arabic and Chinese and Korean and all those other languages, but not ours?!

Well, we are just to blame as Prof Wa Thiong'o said because we allow ourselves to be subjected to such debasement by taking it flush on the jaw each time the punch is unleashed!

As Prof Wa Thiong'o stated in his speech, what released him from the grip of debasement by, no doubt, a little-educated "hospitality" security guard was the "horror on the face of the 'hospitality' manager" for subjecting one of his guests to such in-hospitality because he happened to be of some other hue than theirs!

Yes, it taught them a lesson and cost them a contribution to an anti-racism organisation. The despicable prejudice that a woman in a bus in America, the country "created by philosophy" (Beefs, NA July) resisted, and which catapulted her to the centre of the American civil rights movement six decades ago, still persists!

If the time to fight has come, it is now, but that does not mean punching someone on their nose; no, don't sink that low!

With due respect, Prof Wa Thiong'o should not have allowed himself to be dragged all the way to the manager's desk, office, or whatever he calls the place he operates from! I believe the eminent professor should have stayed put and dared the "security guard" to call the manager to sort out the prejudice he had been subjected to.

Benjamin Seitisho

Phuthaditjhaba, South Africa
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Title Annotation:Reader's views
Author:Seitisho, Benjamin
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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