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Time to look for well behaved perennials.

1 Non-invasive perennials - the search continues. E. Echinacea is a worthy contender for the best non-invasive perennial of them all.

Echinops ritro not only behaves itself but also supports bees and butterflies. For those with shady, moist soils any of the epimediums are a must. Erigerons are ideally suited to sunny spots and few of them will try to take your garden over. The sea hollies, eryngiums will do well in a sunny location with most being well-behaved. Erythroniums, with their lovely common name, Dog's Tooth Violet, are perfect spring flowers for a shady spot.

Euphorbias are usually non-invasive but avoid 'amagdaloides'. Don't forget to use the RHS Plant Finder at to help you source these plants.


* STUNNERS: Find a place for the beautiful erythronium perhaps better knows as the Dog's Tooth Violet
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 28, 2009
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