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Time to concentrate on compactors.

While we regret the impending demise of on-site incineration, we can not give credence to the rumors that the law, stating that all incinerators in New York City must stop burning and be replaced by a compactor by June of 1993, will be rescinded.

In accepting that as fact, we now have to concentrate on compactors.

It is well known there are many compactors on the market. What is less known is that all compactors are not created equal. While all compactors work, the amouont of service required and the expected life span of each can vary greatly.

Some of the things to look for in evaluating quality are as follows:

* Horse power of the motor

*Weight of the machine (gauge of the steel and of the nose cone)

* Safety features

* Guarantee and the reputation of the company behind it

* Ratio of compaction

* All electric wiring should be waterproof (Sealtite and not BX)

* Simplicity of design

* Electrically operated disinfectant and pesticide system

*Should have cutting blades preferably of tooled steel

*The service department behind the manufacturer and installer
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Title Annotation:Property Management Supplement; garbage compactors
Author:Hirsch, Jack
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Oct 2, 1991
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