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In unprecedented times, a spark of hope so welcome. Jamie Driscoll Jan 25, 2021 681
Welcome spark of hope. MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 2021 The JAMIEDRISCOLL The North of Tyne Mayor w Jan 25, 2021 737
Linguistically Induced Time Perception and Asymmetric Cost behavior. Huang, Wei; Kim, Jaehyeon Oct 1, 2020 13951
Zen and a Dinosaur: Home is what travels through us. Trussler, Michael Essay Sep 22, 2020 3381
Whereas it seems like only yesterday I began work as Notes editor, it has actually been five years since I took up this position--a job that altered my sense of time. Campana, Deborah Sep 1, 2020 182
Bordering during the pandemic. Wemyss, Georgie; Yuval-Davis, Nira Jun 22, 2020 1730
Performance at a Precognitive Remote Viewing Task, with and without Ganzfeld Stimulation: Three Experiments/Performance a une Tache de Remote Viewing Precognitif, avec et sans Stimulation Ganzfeld: Trois Experimentations/Zur Leistung bei einer prakognitiven Fernwahrnehmungs-Aufgabe mit und ohne Ganzfeld-Stimulation: Drei Experimente/Rendimiente en una Tarea de Vision Remota Precognitiva con y sin Estimulacion de Ganzfeld: Tres Experimentos. Roe, Chris A.; Cooper, Callum E.; Hickinbotham, Laura; Hodrien, Andrew; Kirkwood, Laurrie; Martin, H Report Mar 22, 2020 10716
I can't wait until I'm so bored that I can watch Friends. Ron Beadle Feb 22, 2020 760
Excerpt from Acceleration Hours: Stories. Jan 1, 2020 4008
A Time-Dependent Double Hardening Model for Soft Rock. Saiful, Mohammed; Siddiquee, Alam; Hamdi, Amin Technical report Oct 31, 2019 5816
Highlights from Algerian artist Zineb Sedira's solo exhibition in Paris. Arab News Oct 25, 2019 236
Where I Find Myself is Not Where I am Supposed to Be. An Enquiry into Trauma and Temporality with Reference to the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Lakmaier, Noemi Jul 1, 2019 5511
Translation, Adaptation and Cross Language Validation of New Active Procrastination Scale and Passive Procrastination Scale. Aziz, Saadia; Tariq, Naeem Report Jun 30, 2019 4512
Time Estimation and Risk Taking Behavior in Type A Personality. Ergonul, Ipek; Inanc, Gonca; Taslica, Serhat; Oniz, Adile May 1, 2019 1917
Virtual Reality can help in treating Autism. Mar 28, 2019 502
Reversing Time and Size: Mutual Entailment of Nonarbitrary Temporal and Magnitude Relational Responding. Brassil, Nicola; Hyland, John; O'Hora, Denis; Stewart, Ian Report Mar 1, 2019 7371
Balancing college and kids: estimating time allocation differences for college students with and without children. Crispin, Laura M.; Nikolaou, Dimitrios Feb 1, 2019 5300
Why Do Games Take So Long? Smith, David W. Sep 22, 2018 3427
A Beautiful Jump. Mersing, Travis Poem Jun 22, 2018 144
Hawking's great achievement: Making sense of time. Mar 17, 2018 1063
TIME UNSHACKLED. Martinon, Jean-Paul ess Sep 22, 2017 8173
Oman travel: Fly Emirates for the ultimate comfort and hospitality. Sep 12, 2017 766
The perception of meaning of life in vital cycle: a time perspective/La percepcion de sentido de la vida en el ciclo vital: una perspectiua temporal/A percepcao de sentido de uida no ciclo vital: uma perspectiua temporal. De Aquino, Thiago Antonio Avellar; Gouveia, Valdiney Veloso; Gomes, Eliseudo Salvino; de Sa, Lorena Jul 1, 2017 5996
A sense of time. Jun 15, 2017 683
Your Perception Of Time May Depend On The Language You Speak. May 3, 2017 721
Mentoring in the career continuum of a nurse: Clarifying purpose and timing. Jakubik, Louise D.; Weese, Meghan M.; Eliades, Aris B.; Huth, Jennifer J. Report May 1, 2017 2371
Effects of training on social work, nursing and medical trainees' knowledge, attitudes and beliefs related to screening and brief intervention for alcohol use. Carlson, Joan M.; Schwindt, Rhonda; Agley, J.; Gassman, R.A.; McNelis, Angela M.; Vannerson, J.; Cra Apr 1, 2017 5715
The flow of memory in the pictorial gesture of Carlos Zilio/O fluxo da memoria no gesto pictorico de Carlos Zilio. Lopes, Almerinda Da Silva Ensayo critico Apr 1, 2017 2381
Past negative time perspective as a predictor of grade point average in occupational therapy doctoral students. Precin, Pat J. Report Mar 22, 2017 6817
Scientists Measure Photoelectric Effect With Zeptosecond Accuracy. Nov 14, 2016 544
Comparative study of temporal resolution test results in young adults/Estudo comparativo dos resultados de testes de resolucao temporal em jovens adultos. Arseno, Vanessa Aparecida; de Carvalho, Cristiane Aparecida; de Castro, Monica Pires; Duarte, Sinesi Ensayo Nov 1, 2016 4313
Media times: mediating time--temporalizing media: introduction. Kaun, Anne; Fornas, Johan; Ericson, Staffan Report Oct 1, 2016 2552
"So rich a consciousness of time": a meditation from professor Lacey. Lacey, Paul A. Essay Jun 22, 2016 7254
Telling Time: Faulkner's Temporal Turn. Thomas, George Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 9533
Estimating time-varying PCB exposures using person-specific predictions to supplement measured values: a comparison of observed and predicted values in two cohorts of Norwegian women. Nost, Therese Haugdahl; Breivik, Knut; Wania, Frank; Rylander, Charlotta; Odland, Jon Oyvind; Sandan Report Mar 1, 2016 7220
A kinematic analysis of the jumping front-leg axe-kick in taekwondo. Preuschl, Emanuel; Hassmann, Michaela; Baca, Arnold Report Mar 1, 2016 7739
OF HOPIS AND HEPTAPODS: THE RETURN OF SAPIR--WHORF. Engle, John Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 2090
FOR SALE ... BUT FOR HOW LONG? A METHODOLOGICAL PROPOSAL FOR ESTIMATING TIME-ON-THE-MARKET. Martins, Vanda C.S.; Filipe, Marlene N.M.; Ferreira, Fernando A.F.; Jalali, Marjan S.; Antonio, Nels Dec 1, 2015 9823
The medium is the message of the future: Tyranny of media in organizing our imagery. Sutko, Daniel; Lingel, Jessa; Adams, Aubrie; Rottinghaus, Adam Richard Oct 1, 2015 5095
Training tolerance to delay using the escalating interest task. Rung, Jillian M.; Young, Michael E. Report Sep 1, 2014 6626
Time Made Flesh: Samuel Beckett's Dual Depiction of Time. Chiang, H.L. Michelle Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 7686
Causation 'warps perception of time'. Nov 2, 2012 488
How time perception is warped--by life-threatening situations, tiredness, age, emotions, and more.... Report Nov 1, 2012 580
How the brain measures time. Oct 31, 2012 326
How time flies when you're having fun. Aug 22, 2012 614
Migraine sufferers may have different time perception. Aug 4, 2012 519
High Altitude Sickness. May 30, 2012 931
Why time flies while on fun-filled holidays. Apr 21, 2012 357
The Archaic time perception in the modern times. An ethnological approach towards a religious minority. Repciuc, Ioana Report Dec 22, 2011 9091
The matter of events. Crowther, Thomas Essay Sep 1, 2011 15389
Experiencia subjetiva del tiempo y su influencia en el comportamiento: revision y modelos. Vasquez Echeverria, Alejandro Report Apr 1, 2011 8722
A matter of time: C.S. Lewis's Dark Tower manuscript and composition process. Himes, Jonathan B. Mar 22, 2011 5437
Aboriginal time flows east to west: sun's trajectory may define schedules for one remote group. Bower, Bruce Dec 4, 2010 478
Sex, drugs, and cognition: effects of marijuana. Anderson, Beth M.; Rizzo, Matthew; Block, Robert I.; Pearlson, Godfrey D.; O'Leary, Daniel S. Dec 1, 2010 6769
Children intertwine space and time: distance cues bias conclusion of how long something lasts. Bower, Bruce Feb 13, 2010 348
Time here, time there, time everywhere: teaching young children time through daily routine. Lee, Joohi; Lee, Joo Ok; Fox, Jill Mar 22, 2009 1586
Issues with measuring time experience in Rogers' conceptual model. Watson, Juanita Jul 1, 2008 4926
Measurement of time experience: a commentary. Hastings-Tolsma, Marie Jul 1, 2008 2126
What time is it? Beck, Saul Brief article Feb 1, 2008 210
Time perspective and school membership as correlates to academic achievement among African American adolescents. Adelabu, Detris Honora Report Sep 22, 2007 4304
Time is money. Jackson, Rick Brief article Jul 1, 2007 89
Early. Pastan, Linda Poem Jun 22, 2007 233
Song from San Francisco: space, time, and character in Eudora Welty's "Music from Spain". Huculak, Matt Critical essay Dec 22, 2005 6671
The vortex. Weinberger, Eliot Dec 22, 2005 5942
Australasian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 83, No. 1, March 2005. Author Abstract Jun 1, 2005 529
Etude contrastive des systemes temporels chinois et francais. Huang, Meng-Lan Jan 1, 2004 7057
Psychological time in later life: implications for counseling. (Practice & Theory). Shmotkin, Dov; Eyal, Nitza Jun 22, 2003 8470
Aging and time-binding in the twenty-first century. Levinson, Risha W. Mar 22, 2003 2335
New Jersey Junior Academy of Science annual meeting. Mar 22, 2003 4490
Time estimation during prolonged sleep deprivation and its relation to activation measures. Miro, Elena; Cano, M. Carmen; Espinosa-Fernandez, Lourdes; Buela-Casal, Gualberto Mar 22, 2003 6939
Time and reflexivity in organization studies: an introduction. Antonacopoulou, Elena; Tsoukas, Haridimos Nov 1, 2002 2759
Essai: time, duration and simultaneity; rethinking process and change in organizational analysis. Chia, Robert Nov 1, 2002 2555
Essai: doing time in organization theory. Hatch, Mary Jo Critical Essay Nov 1, 2002 3167
Essai: real time/real space research; connecting action and reflection in organization studies. Calori, Roland Nov 1, 2002 2730
Essai: organizational time; modern, symbolic and postmodern reflections. Hassard, John Nov 1, 2002 3374
Essai: real-time reflexivity; prods to reflection *. Weick, Karl E. Nov 1, 2002 2842
Doing time with Marcel Proust. (Humanism and the Arts). Lowen, Jeannette Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 1593
It's about time. Grove, J.W. Mar 22, 2002 1903
A determination of the ability of students taking standardized tests to estimate the passage of time. Quinn, Robert A. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 133
Dynamic Learning Patterns: Temporal Characteristics Demonstrated by the Learner. YIN, L. ROGER Sep 22, 2001 4225
THE AIMS AND TASKS OF GENERAL SEMANTICS: Implications of the Time-Binding Theory. Hayakawa, S.I. Reprint Jun 22, 2001 2419
Taking TIME. NEISTAT, VAN Mar 12, 2001 1537
WHAT'S THE TIME. Fischel, Emma Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 98
Who's Afraid of Leisure? Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 442
On the relationship between time management and time estimation. Francis-Smythe, J.A.; Robertson, Ivan T. Aug 1, 1999 6665
Music and on-hold waiting time. North, Adrian C.; Hargreaves, David J.; McKendrick, Jennifer Feb 1, 1999 1578
Jensen's Chronometric Research: Neither Simple Nor Sufficient But a Good Place to Start. NETTELBECK, TED May 1, 1998 4698
The effects of age upon some aspects of lifestyle and implications for studies on circadian rhythmicity. Minors, David; Atkinson, Greg; Bent, Nuala; Rabbitt, Patrick; Waterhouse, James Jan 1, 1998 3672
Hearing musical works in their entirety. McAdoo, Nick Jan 1, 1997 4398
Is presentness a property? Craig, William Lane Jan 1, 1997 8313
Labor, time, metaphor. Gibbons, Reginald Sep 22, 1996 7690
Backward causation and the direction of causal processes: reply to Dowe. Price, Huw Jul 1, 1996 3305
Time perceptions and time allocation preferences among adolescent boys and girls. Bruno, James E. Mar 22, 1996 5009
Biological stopwatch found in brain. Travis, John Brief Article Feb 17, 1996 585
Issues with measuring time experience in Rogers' conceptual model. Watson, Juanita Clinical report Jan 1, 1996 5169
Why digital clocks fail. Mielo, Gary Mar 22, 1995 484
Perceived time pressure and recommended dietary practices: the moderating effect of knowledge of nutrition. Mothersbaugh, David L.; Herrmann, Robert O.; Warland, Rex H. Jun 22, 1993 6790

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