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Time for bowling dinosaurs to jack in their petty prejudices.

Byline: Elaine C. Smith

WELL done the girls of Broughty Ferry for telling men to shove their bowls where the sun don't shine. At last.

Many of our female bowlers are still expected to come in on men's match days to make and serve a three-course meal, or tea and sandwiches for the boys.

Yet the men never do it for them.

So the girls (and some of them are in their 70s) have said enough...and about time too.

Too many women in these clubs keep their mouths shut because they don't want their husbands to get grief or 'cause their man is on the committee. Even many of the men reckon what happens is unfair.

In a club I was a member of (I was in the tennis section where there was equality), I asked a bowler why women weren't allowed equal membership. I was told it was because women didn't want to be full members because of the expense.

When I suggested for equality's sake that maybe the women should have the choice anyway, I was met with a vacant stare. Funny how equality was granted in many clubs when they needed lottery money or lower council rates - because if there was seen to be discrimination the clubs would lose their dosh.

The men at many of these clubs will tell you women do the cooking and serving 'cause they get cheaper membership. Eh?

In some cases it's cheaper because they get on the greens twice a week or some other ridiculously small amount.

And in some clubs if two old guys are on the green having a practice, the women have to get off.

I have a lot of good pals who are avid bowlers. They adore the game and have a great time socially. So I am not getting at bowlers personally.

But it seems to me that nothing represents the small-minded, misogynistic, backward thinking of Scotland more than certain types of bowling club who are allowed to freely discriminate against women - and in some cases on colour and religious grounds too.

These clubs should represent the best of Scotland and what we have to offer. They should be welcoming and open - not closed and prejudiced.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 26, 2008
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